Barca fans ‘destroyed’ by Macy’s departure



Lionel Messi was in no hurry to leave his home in Barcelona on Monday as fans gathered outside expressed their grief over the departure of the club’s biggest player and supporters of Paris Saint-Germain made a fuss over his arrival.

According to documents seen by Reuters on Monday, a member of Barca filed a complaint with a French court and the European Commission seeking to block any move by the PSG to sign Messi.

The 34-year-old Argentine bid farewell to the club on Sunday in which he had spent his entire career and confirmed that he was in talks with the Paris club on a possible move.

However, there were no signs of the player leaving his home in the hills of Barcelona’s affluent district on Monday.

Macy was reflected in the swimming trunk at noon.

“He’s clearly still here, looking really calm,” Sky Sports News reporter Gary Cottrell told British television viewers in a live update from outside the home.

Barcelona fans were still flocking to the event.

“I feel devastated,” said Christian Garcia, wearing Macy’s name and the number 10 Barca shirt on his back.

“It hurts me to see a player I have always followed, who is an example to me, leaving him.”

Messi said he had agreed to a 50 per cent pay cut to stay at Barca and sign a new contract but was unable to finalize the deal due to Spanish league financial control rules and club debts. , Which totals 1 billion euros (2 1.2 billion).

La Liga said last Wednesday 2.7 billion euros from firm CVC The funds will be distributed to clubs in return for 10% of the league’s revenue.

It was believed that this would allow Barcelona to carry out the Messi deal, but after Real Madrid rejected the offer agrees-sell-10-stake- cvc-nyt-2021-08-04 And said he would take legal action against La Liga, Barca also turned against him.

Gonzalo Moreno, a Barca and Argentine fan, said: “I don’t think the club has done enough to keep him, I think it was up to the club to keep him out of the money.”

Messi said on Sunday that the PSG was “a possibility” but had not yet signed an agreement.

Legal complaint

In the Barcelona member’s legal complaint, which was shared by the fan’s lawyer, the member claimed that French football authorities had used their financial fair play (FFP) to help the PSG become a force in European football. Have failed to enforce the law.

Barcelona, ​​like its main La Liga rivals Real Madrid, is entirely owned by members who pay their subscriptions, called “Socios”.

FFP rules specifically prohibit European football clubs from paying their playing squad a large portion of their total revenue, according to the complaint, which also states that Messi’s transfer to PSG The code will be violated.

PSG and the French Football League did not immediately respond to emailed requests for comment.

Messi said he wanted to play for as long as possible, adding that he still had ambitions to win another Champions League trophy.

“We are waiting for a legend, the legend who is Leo Messi,” said PSG fan Mehmet Sen, who was waiting at the gates of Le Bourget Airport in Paris for a glimpse of the star.

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