Money is not an obstacle because PSG reunited Macy with Neymar.



The prospect of seeing Lionel Messi’s team with Neymar again will curse many football fans around the world.

Not everyone will be happy. Many will struggle to get Messi to leave Barcelona.

Others may have preferred to go to a club where he could really make a difference, such as Diego Maradona in Napoli.

But modern football is now dominated by a narrow elite, with state funding in the case of mega-rich owners, Qatar-backed Paris Saint-Germain and Abu Dhabi’s Manchester City.

Add Roman Abramovich to Champions League winners Chelsea, and even Barcelona and Real Madrid can’t keep up.

This is another bitter blow to Barca, who in 2017 were powerless to stop Neymar from going to Paris for the world record 222 million euros (4 264 million), which is why Messi was moving in the same direction.

Barca ruined Neymar in the transfer market in an attempt to replace him to the point that he could not keep his biggest player due to La Liga’s financial fair play rules.

PSG is not immune to the financial hardships caused by epidemics, but they are better placed to avoid economic hardship.

PSG suffered a pre-tax loss of 124.9 million euros in the 2019/20 season, which was reduced by epidemics.

Last season’s figures are likely to be much worse, reportedly around 23 230 million, with PSG almost completely missing gate receipts as the games were played behind closed doors while with Media Pro French TV’s revenue plummeted after a record deal was struck.

Yet they have spread across the transfer market, spending 60 million euros (71 71 million) on Inter Milan’s right-back Achraf Hakimi and signing several big-name players who have signed contracts with Sergio Ramos, Giorgione Vignaldum and Gianluigi Donaruma. Were out of

Wijnaldum was snatched from under the nose … Barcelona.

PSG can do this because their Qatari owners are there to cover losses and because at least the rules of the French league do not prevent clubs from having a salary-to-earnings ratio of around 100 per cent, such as 2019. / I was 20.

They have also been helped by the UEFA’s decision to relax the rules of the financial festival to meet the shortfall in revenue due to epidemic diseases, ie to separate the assessments for the fiscal years 2020 and 2021 separately. It will be done together.

Clubs are expected to register losses in excess of 30 million euros, provided they show that they were due to epidemics.

Critics say the FFP is no longer fit for the purpose, and PSG rivals will claim to sign Messi, which is related to other summer expenses, and the fact that his books Neymar and Killian Mbabane are there, which means the French club is clearly ignoring them. Rules

However, signing Messi certainly improves his chances of winning the prize he wants more than anything else, as his Qatari owners have been pursuing him since he bought the club.

In May 2011, Messi led Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona to a 3-1 victory over Manchester United in the Champions League final. A few weeks later, Qatar Sports Investment bought a controlling stake in PSG.

In August 2017, PSG signed Neymar and Mbabane to two of the most expensive signings in history. Now they have Macy’s.

“Every coach in the world wants to have the best player in the world on their team,” admitted manager Mauricio Pochettino.

PSG’s summer recruitment was already looking impressive. He was particularly calling for the need for a new midfielder and right-hander, whose needs were addressed with the advent of Wijnaldum and Hakimi.

A team that lost the Ligue 1 title last season but reached the final and semi-finals of the Champions League in the last two campaigns now looks set to advance to the first European Cup.

The model is the 2014/15 Barcelona team that won the treble with Messi scoring 58 goals and Neymar 39. The third man was Luis Suarez who scored 25 goals. Now the third man is Mbappe.

Adjusting for Messi’s compatriot, Pochettino, all of them and Angel Di Maria, and finding the right balance to make his team champions as well as the latest footballing version of the Harlem Globetrotters.

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