Anista says it is difficult to see Messi in the colors of other clubs.



They played together for Barcelona for 14 years, winning everything the club had to offer on several occasions.

Both have now left the Catalan club – but former midfield general Anders Iniesta, who joined Japan’s Wessel Kobe three years ago, says it would be difficult to see Leo Messi play for another team.

“It would be hard to see him in another shirt like Barca,” Anista told AFP on Tuesday.

“I don’t know if surprise is the right word – Liu has really represented Barca for so many years. But sometimes circumstances determine things,” said Anista, who, like Messi, said goodbye to Barcelona at 34.

“As a player he surpassed everything. I have never seen a player like him – and I don’t think I will ever. You see what he did and for so long …

Anista insisted that Barساa would remain a force without his talisman and record scorer.

“I’m sure new faces are coming who will make a significant contribution,” Anista said as fans pointed to the news that Messi was on a two-year bumper deal with PSG after 17 seasons. Went to sign.

If Messi chooses a third year, he will be 37 – Anista’s age – and the latter has proved his longevity by agreeing to a Japanese extension for another two years.

“Every year it’s farther away from you and things get more complicated, but as long as you really want to get out there, train and play, you’ll keep moving forward.”

Anista, who has lifted the Japanese Empire Cup and Super Cup with Kobe, reflects the fact that he knew his time at Barcelona was over as he moved on. “There comes a time when you say it’s over,” he said.

But he did not say whether his latest contract as a player would be his last.

Asked if he could return to Barcelona, ​​he would simply say, “Of course it would be nice to go back. I spent many years there. This is my home and I would love to live where there is love, respect and comfort.” Do

“But I don’t know what my next step will be. I don’t know if I will become a coach, a sporting director or something like that.

“All I can say is if you ask: would I like to go back, I will say yes because Barcelona is our home. Time will tell,” said Anista, who played in the first 700 teams for Barca. And for 130 spans, he plans to get a coaching license.

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