Tachel takes responsibility for Ibrahim’s lack of playing time.



Chelsea manager Thomas Tachel has said he understands striker Tommy Ibrahim’s disappointment as he did not take the time to play last season and has accepted some responsibility, as speculation over the future of the England international at the Premier League club Opinions are growing.

The British media has linked Ibrahim with a transfer to Serie A club AS Roma, which is being managed by former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.

The 23-year-old had scored 12 goals in all competitions as Chelsea’s joint top scorer last season, but in January, Tachel found himself behind London club as manager in place of Frank Lampard.

Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku has also been reportedly welcomed by Inter Milan, a move that will further reduce Ibrahim’s chances.

“I will not comment on the actual situation – how far it is and if it is true and not true,” Tochil said ahead of Wednesday’s Super Cup match against Villarreal. “Tommy is on the team right now.

“He was clearly not happy for the last half year and maybe he has a reason not to be happy. Relied on players.

“I can understand that he wants more minutes. So the decision will be, ‘How do we plan, what are Tommy’s plans, will he fight back in the team from the position where he finished last season?’ What was or is he going to change.Will the club have a chance to be a regular starter?

Touchel was furious at Lukaku’s upcoming signing, saying he would return to Chelsea seven years later on a club record 115 million euros (13 134.79 million).

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