Ericsson sends a message of help to the girl before the heart operation.



Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen has recorded a touching video to reassure a nine-year-old girl who is about to undergo the same operation after falling while playing in Euro 2020.

The Inter Milan player suffered a heart attack during the opening game of his country’s tournament against Finland, and received life-saving treatment on the pitch.

He was later fitted with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) device, a type of pacemaker that can prevent fatal cardiac arrest by giving a shock to restore regular heart rhythm.

The 29-year-old received a letter from Evie before she would have an ICD installed at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, to which her mother, Nicky Martin, responded by launching a campaign on a Facebook platform. Later shared to reach Ericsson. Support after hearing about its operation.

“Thanks for the beautiful letter, I just read it tonight,” Erickson said in a video message.

“I hope you feel comfortable and confident going into the operation. It’s never fun to be in the hospital, but I’m sure the doctors know what they’re doing, and they’ll help you.” And tell you what they know and what they think.

“I’m sure you’ll be back to normal soon. I know I did. I’m sure the same will happen to you.”

Martin said on Facebook that his daughter, who has a “great fear of needles, cannons and blood”, was a fan of the former Ericsson club Tottenham Hotspur and a football player herself. He said that no date has been fixed for the operation after the postponement.

Ericsson returned to the inter-training ground for the first time since his retirement last week, when the club said in a statement that he was “in excellent physical and mental shape”.

His playing career is unclear, although he will not be allowed to play in Italy until the ICD device is removed.

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