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Replica shirts bearing his name are flying off the shelves, millions of followers are flocking to his new club’s social media accounts and TV rights are suddenly seen in the deal: Lionel Messi’s arrival in Paris Kept in motion

Paris Saint-Germain chairman Nasser al-Khalifa bluntly told reporters on Wednesday that people would be “surprised” by the income that the 34-year-old would bring to the six-time Ballon d’Or and the winning football club where he worked as a free agent. Was joined. The previous day.

At a PSG flagship store in central Paris, a fan who lined up for two hours to buy an Argentine signature Macy’s shirt was more than happy to distribute it for 165 euros (S $ 263).

“I just had to come and buy it,” said Jonathan Boyer-Mussed, 18. “It will give PSG a lot of money, and it will give the fans a lot of fun and happiness. It has something for everyone, and everyone will be happy.”

Vincent Choudel, a sports marketing expert, said Amazon, which in June acquired the rights to broadcast 80% of the French division’s matches for a fraction of the original price, was definitely one of the winners.

“Amazon has already received its initial Christmas gift in June and has now just won the lottery. Broadcasting so many matches for so little money is the biggest win over (Messi),” Choudel said.

“The second winner is PSG, which will strengthen its position among the biggest clubs in the world.”

Choudel, however, expected that the actual financial impact, which the club has not anticipated, would be less than that of Brazilian forward Neymar when he plays in 2017 as a deep-pocketed PSC like Messi of Catalan giants FC Barcelona. Joined

“The only reason is that Neymar arrived before the re-negotiation of the sponsorship and shirt deal,” he said, adding that he is now closed until 2032.

Amazon and Nike, which have a cut deal with PSG, did not immediately return requests for comment, and PSG is similarly silent on Macy’s pay package.

Social media frenzy.

However, the numbers surfaced on social media, as rumors of a possible transfer to PSG began.

From Friday evening to Tuesday evening, PSG gained three million followers, including 2.1 million on Instagram and 611,000 on Facebook, according to Activity Tracker Talk Walker. According to an estimate by Front Office Sports, there has been an increase of 4.5 million on Instagram alone in the last 24 hours.

In comments this year, FC Barcelona president Juan Laporta gave Messi about a third of the club’s revenue. Consultants Brand Finance estimates that their departure could reduce Barca’s brand value by 11%.

Choudel, co-founder of the sports business think tank Observatory du Sports Business, estimates that the arrival of Messi could increase the value of PSG by 10-20%. In April, Forbes valued the club at 2.5 2.5 billion (S $ 3.4 billion).

For some in the club shop, the allegiance was already changing.

“I’m a big fan of Barcelona, ​​I’m a fan of Messi, I’ll follow him wherever I go,” said Adele Ramirez, 18. He added that there was no special PSG fan before, “I will definitely take root for him now that Messi is here.”

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