Khan wants women to start shooting.



Talking about the 2024 Olympics, Razi Ahmad Khan, secretary of the National Rifle Association of Pakistan, said that women perform better than men and that is what we need for the future. Want to pay attention In the recently concluded games

It was the first time that three Pakistani shooters had qualified directly for the Olympics, but their presence is largely in the shadows as the NRAP feels the key is to focus on the performance of the athletes. But Khan said there was a need to focus on the future.

“We want women shooters and there are many who want to do good for Pakistan. We have some promising talent in Karachi. Express Tribune. “I think women can be better at shooting and at the next Olympics we want women to be part of the squad, as we did with a female shooter at the 2016 Olympics. The key is to develop skills.

“This time in the Olympics, even though Ghulam Mustafa Bashir was in the top six, he did not have the mental strength to take it forward, because it is very competitive at this level.”

Khan has coached Bashir, who was making his second appearance at the Olympics, while Mohammad Khalil Akhtar and young Gulfam Joseph also made an impact by directly qualifying for the Olympics.

Of the three shooters, Bashir finished sixth in the 25m rapid fire pistol event, while Khalil finished 16th at the end of the first qualification round. In the second round, he was ranked 10th and 15th respectively. Meanwhile, the top six shooters continued to compete for medals in the finals.

But before the seniors performed, it was Joseph, 21, who was a silent surprise. The youngster lost his place in the final, finishing ninth in the 10m air pistol event, behind Serbia’s Damir Mike. Mike won a silver medal in the event.

Work begins for the 2024 Olympics

Khan said the shooters’ profile was kept low so as not to upset them. However, after the end of the 2020 Olympics, the goal is to have more shooters ready for the next edition. He added that the work starts with the national championship this month, which will start on August 24 in Lahore and Jhelum.

Shotgun events will be held from August 24 to 29 at Lahore Garrison Shooting Ranges with three individual and three team events while Rifle Pistol events will be held at Jhelum Shooting Ranges from August 30 to September 4 with 13 individual and 13 team events. Players will join.

The NARP will also hold four junior events to identify incoming talent, along with a pistol event, which will be for newcomers only and no national players will participate. An additional festival will allow everyone to attend the Big Bore Pistol event.

“We are organizing a national championship and this is the first step in seeing the talent that we can develop further,” Khan said. “We are starting to move in a direction that will help us develop players over the next two years. We have started working immediately for the Paris Olympics, because in order to prepare the shooters for the qualification, we need to start them as soon as possible.

The National Championship will also be considered the first trial for the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, Thailand Open and World Championships.

Khan said women shooters are part of the project and he is hopeful for the participants that they will prove this point further. At the 2016 Olympics, NRAP sent Minhal Sohail, who became the first female shooter to represent the country in the Games. It was sent at the invitation of a tripartite commission.

“With the national championship, we want to see more women,” Khan said.

“Women obviously have to overcome more obstacles, even to be basically physically strong and healthy. That’s the first challenge and then we need to take them for the shooting. What we’ve done so far. Look, we are working on them and they can take Pakistan forward. Shooting is not a sport that requires a lot of physical strength in the traditional way, it has a lot to do with a strong mind and “Women can succeed very quickly. We just need to reach out to them,” Khan said.

He added that there is a shortage of shooting coaches in the country.

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