Dua Lipa sets new Guinness World Record


As of August 7, 2021, the British singer had 65,632,036 monthly listeners on Dua Lipa’s music streaming platform Spotify.

Only three works had more monthly listeners: Justin Bieber (75,938,638), The Weekend (70,472,641) and Ed Sheeran (69,522,226).

Lipa had 26,972,291 followers on Spotify as of the same date – out of the top 20 most followed actions overall. Ed Sheeran (83,012,725), Ariana Grande (66,805,271) and Drake (56,188,355) provided guidance.

Dua Lipa said on Sunday that “it’s great” for a woman to keep a record of the maximum number of monthly listeners on Spotify.

Dua Lipa sets new Guinness World Record

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