The Dutch Dortmund shone in the demolition of Frankfurt.



Borussia Dortmund striker Earling Holland scored twice and three more as the hosts beat Eintracht Frankfurt 5-2 on Saturday to reduce the marker in their Bundesliga opener.

His five-star performance comes a day after champions Bayern Munich began their league campaign with a 1-1 draw at Borussia Mچnchengladbach, and the Bundesliga was the best start for Dortmund bench coach Marco Rose.

Dortmund face Bayern in the German Super Cup.

“You can’t do more than that. It was a very strong performance,” Rose said. “The 25,000 spectators in the stadium did a great job for us. Great goals, a lot of power.”

“But it was all about getting off to a good start and we did it. There are things we need to improve but today’s performance was great.”

“Earling wants to keep improving. It has the strengths that we have seen today. We work together as a team. We talk a lot about Earling but it was a strong performance for today’s team. ۔ “

It was captain Marco Reus who put his side in the driving seat in the 23rd minute, scoring from a Dutch assist, and Dortmund’s fans returned to the stadium with a limited capacity of 81,000.

Four minutes later, Felix Paslock’s own goal did nothing to slow them down as Thorgen Hazard regained the lead in the 32nd when Reeves scored his first hat-trick in his German Cup with the 21-year-old Dutchman. Won last week for another counter-attack.

The hosts completed their first half-goal rush when the Netherlands charged Stephen Elsenker’s error into the box and took a two-goal lead in the 34th.

Gio Reina added a fourth goal in an hour with Eintracht at the full mercy of Dortmund’s bursting runs that kept coming and going. Another Dutch run scored his second goal of the evening after a VAR review.

This was his 62nd goal in 61 appearances for Dortmund in all competitions.

Fellow Norwegian Jean-Peter Hodge scored late in his Bundesliga debut to improve Frankfurt’s scoreline.

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