Nono says get ready to help Tottenham.



Tottenham manager Nono Esprito Santo told Hurricanes to get fit and be ready to help the Spurs after defeating defending champions Manchester City 1-0 on Sunday.

Ken Spurs was absent from the squad and is still in doubt about City’s interest in his future at the club.

Despite losing his amulet, Tottenham gave Nono a dream start to his time in charge when Son Hangman hit the winner in front of the entire house.

Espers fans cheered in the final stages with the slogan “Are you looking at the hurricane”.

“Harry is one of the best players in the world, we’re very lucky to have him, so he has to be ready to help the team,” Nono said.

“I am confident we will have a good team with determination and talent.”

Nono conceded that Tottenham soon had to face their fate as City got off to a brilliant start, but lost a lot of chances in the first 15 minutes.

“I think we were lucky because they had clear opportunities, but the boys stopped,” Nono added.

“We knew it would be difficult and after 15 minutes we adjusted better.

“The environment and the hard work of the boys in particular makes any manager proud.”

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