The committee of the National Assembly is angry over the failure to show the expenses of the employees apart from the chairman of the PCB.


The PCB shared details of expenditure and revenue for the year 2019 with the Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial.

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Liaison failed to show statistics on any employee other than the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman.

In addition, sources close to the development said. Geo News. That PCB accounts have not been audited since 2018, and the figures presented were data read without 2019 instead of last year’s figures.

This came to light when the expenses and revenue of the cricket board were presented before the standing committee of the National Assembly in a meeting on Monday.

At the request of the PCB, a camera session was held for the Standing Committee meeting as “sensitive information” was to be shared.


According to documents viewed by Geo News, the PCB’s expenditure under the former chairman was Rs 4.3 billion in 2017 and Rs 5.13 billion in 2018.

The documents state that in 2019, the PCB spent a total of Rs 5.94 billion.

Expenses for Chairman’s Accommodation, Travel Allowance / Daily Allowance (TA / DA), Medical Allowance, Domestic and International Business Class Travel are provided, but none for any employee including Coaches.

The committee was informed that Rs 627.7 million was spent on repair and maintenance work alone while Rs 616.3 million was spent on cricket development.

The documents state that Rs 2.38 billion was spent on domestic and foreign tournaments while Rs 1.6 billion was spent on holding matches in neutral venues and in Pakistan.

No details were shared about the team’s domestic and foreign tour expenses.


According to unread documents, the PCB earned Rs 10.69 billion in 2019.

According to documents, the PCB earned Rs 4.42 billion from foreign tours this year.

The cricket board earned Rs 5.41 billion through matches held in Pakistan and other neutral venues.

It earned Rs. 707.9 million in terms of further investment and interest and Rs. 238 million through sponsorship and logo.

The PCB did not share any details about its investments and bank deposits with the standing committee during the meeting.

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