Mourinho’s Roma period looks ready for fireworks.



Jose Mourinho never quietly went to a new job during the Serie A campaign after a close season full of fireworks.

Mourinho’s first and last lasting picture of trophy-filled magic in Italy, Inter Milan defender Marco Metrazi was reassured by the Portuguese when they heard about their coach’s decision to leave Real Madrid.

After leading Inter to an unprecedented treble in 2010, Mourinho, with tears in his eyes, left after winning everything in a short span of two years. Now back in Serie A with Roma, he returns a completely different offer.

Since leaving Italy 11 years ago, Moreno has faced declining levels of success, having won two league titles at the time, compared to six in the last eight campaigns.

After a lot of publicity with the players during his last two jobs in England, Mourinho’s new image is not one of the players’ admiration and unparalleled splendor, but one of the fiery, confrontational figures who flutter some wings. Is back in Italy.

However, he is fully aware that the Italian media will hang on to every word of it.

“I’m smiling because I had a record of 40 days without an interview,” Moreno joked on Instagram this week.

“(I) had a wonderful time where I just focused on work and forgot about my friends from the press. There’s nothing really interesting about being honest. Love the press, (I) miss them so much.” What

He is already making a stir before the start of the season.

Roma were beaten 5-2 by Spanish side Real Betis in a friendly earlier this month. He ended a bad-tempered match with just eight men, watching three of his players leave.

Despite the friendly nature of the match, Mourinho was sent off by the referee himself in his protest with excessive enthusiasm, right on the official’s face.

All the historical things that came with Mourinho would be useless if the results did not go the way of Roma, however, it is expected that the club needs to be challenged at the top of the table.

Mourinho already has a huge wall on a Vespa scooter in Rome’s Testaccio neighborhood, and the Portuguese also have a taste of ice cream in one of the Italian capital’s gelato parlors.

Champions Inter Milan have lost several star players as they were forced to cut costs this summer, and the Juventus are entering a new campaign behind the 2020-21 season, a new hope. That Mourinho could quickly challenge Roma.

“Here I am going on another mission: impossible,” Moreno said in an interview with GQ magazine last month. “I say impossible because people look at me and the only way to measure success in their eyes is to win.”

The arrival of Tommy Abraham’s big money from Chelsea gives Mourinho an immediate replacement for veteran striker Eden Zico, who has retired, while Niccolo Zanello’s return to full fitness has further boosted his coaching.

But without the other big arrivals this summer, it’s a coach that fans will turn to for immediate improvement.

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