After 995 matches, Mourinho is ‘calm’ ahead of rival Roma Bo.



Jose Mourinho said he was “calm” ahead of his first competitive game as Roma coach, insisting that taking charge of the team for the 996th time in his career was a bit of a hassle.

“It’s true that this will be my first official match with this club, but this will be my 996th match. If I’m not making a mistake, I’m calm,” he said ahead of Thursday’s Europa Conference League play-off. Turbzonspor told Sky Sport before the stage.

Despite being part of UEFA’s new third-tier club tournament, Mourinho, 58, said it was a big tie.

“To me, this conference doesn’t look like a league play-off, but a Europa League or Champions League match because both clubs played in the Champions League a few years ago,” he said.

Mourinho also said he expects great things from the new 40 million euros (.8 46.8 million), signed by Tommy Abraham, which he bought from former club Chelsea.

Ibrahim was signed just three days after veteran striker Eden Zico was sent to Inter Milan to replace Romelu Lukaku, who returned to Stamford Bridge to complete the transfer triangle.

“Abraham doesn’t have the history of Eden, who is 35 years old, but he won it all and he’s still young, with great potential,” Mourinho explained.

Roma will begin their Serie A campaign on Sunday with a domestic clash against Fiorentina.

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