Peace in the region is not possible without alliance with Pakistan: Afghan delegation


ISLAMABAD: A delegation of Afghan politicians on Thursday said that peace in the region would not be possible without an alliance with Pakistan, according to Geo News.

The Afghan delegation, which arrived Monday for talks with Pakistan’s civilian and military leadership, was speaking at a news conference today.

The delegation included Speaker son of Mir Rehman Rahmani, Salahuddin Rabbani, Muhammad Younis Qanuni, Ustad Muhammad Karim Khalili, Ahmad Zia Masood, Ahmad Wali Masood, Abdul Latif Pedram and Khalid Noor.

“We had meetings with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and DG ISI,” the delegation told a news conference here today.

“We would especially like to thank the Army Chief and the DG ISI,” he added, adding that Pakistan has agreed to enhance its cooperation in the coming days.

The delegation said a new chapter would be opened in Pakistan-Afghanistan relations, adding that it considered Islamabad a key player in achieving regional peace. It said that Pakistan had conveyed a positive message during the meetings held to discuss the way forward in Afghanistan.

The delegation clarified that it had met with the Pakistani leadership with a specific claim to form a comprehensive government in Afghanistan, adding that an important demand that its people were emphasizing was women’s rights.

He warned the Taliban that they would not survive long if they “repeated the mistakes of the past”, adding that seizing territory and governing it during the conflict were two different things.

The delegation said that what the Taliban have said so far is just words. “Their actions will make a difference.”

The delegation added that today’s Afghanistan was very different from 1966, adding that young people are more inclined towards technology.

The Afghan delegation said it wanted a comprehensive government that would represent different groups in Afghanistan. “We want to guarantee minorities, women’s rights and freedom of the press,” she said.

Afghan leaders mocked Ashraf Ghani, saying it was clear from day one of the conflict that the president would flee.

The delegation said, “Ashraf Ghani says he left the country with only his sandals. If the allegations are to be believed, he fled with 69 69 million.

The delegation of Afghan leaders said they wanted peaceful relations with Pakistan, adding that what happened in the past should not be repeated.

“We chose Pakistan as the first country to receive assistance,” he added.

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