Chelsea will take down Lukaku for disarming.



Arsenal’s worst start to the Premier League season could be even worse as Chelsea set a record for signing Romelu Lukaku for their debut on Sunday, while Liverpool and Manchester United are looking for a promising start to their title challenge. Are

Lukaku is back at Stamford Bridge, seven years after his first spell at Chelsea, for a fee of 97 97 million (3 133 million) after taking Inter Milan to the Serie A title last season.

The Blues believe the Belgian striker could be the ultimate weapon needed to replace the team that won the Champions League in the first season.

Lukaku is already the top scorer in the Premier League with 20 goals, 113 for West Brom, Everton and Manchester United.

But after an unhappy end to his time at United, the 28-year-old’s game took Italy to new heights in two seasons.

“I think I’ve learned a lot about myself, set high standards for myself,” Lukaku said of the changes he has made in his two years since leaving the Premier League.

“As a player I am more complete because the game in Italy is a tough place, there is a lot of technicality and strategy, which helped me a lot.”

Arsenal could register two new recruits on time for Sunday, including goalkeeper Aaron Rumsdale and midfielder Martin Odigard Gunners.

The two signings will cover Arsenal’s transfer window over Chelsea following the arrival of 50 50million defender Ben White, Albert Simbi Loonga and Nono Tauris.

This level of investment is astonishing as Arsenal suffered their fifth consecutive season without the wealth of Champions League football.

That’s why manager Michael Arteta is under pressure to convert newcomer Brent Ford into a 2-0 defeat to start the new season.

Following the tour of the European Champions, Arsenal will travel to Manchester City next weekend and will move on without a point in one of their first three games at the September international break until they can express surprise.

City’s title defense ended with a terrible start with a 1-0 defeat at Tottenham, while Hurricane’s future hangs in the balance for both clubs.

According to reports, Ken Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is adamant that he is ready to break the record of transfer to the English Premier League for the second time this month.

City’s bid for the England captain could go up to £ 150 million before the window closes, but Pep Guardiola will have to continue without the number nine he wants to visit Norwich on Saturday.

Guardiola’s men should be in contention for an extra week of training after starting on the bench against Spurs like Kevin de Bruyne, John Stones, Kill Walker, Rodrigo, Alexander Zhenchenko and Emery Laporte due to their limited pre-season Due to the final stages of Euro 2020

Liverpool looked at Norwich comfortably last weekend as Virgil Van Dyk returned from injury last season to derail the Reds.

Jurgen Klopp’s hard-fought campaign for the men was a rare six-straight home league run that began with a defeat to Burnley in January.

Sean Deutsch’s men returned to Anfield this weekend in front of the first full home of a Premier League game under very different circumstances as Liverpool ended their 30-year wait to win the title in 2020.

In front of a home crowd, Klopp’s team has not lost a league game since 2017.

The Red Devils will be confident of a 5-1 win over Leeds against Southampton on Sunday.

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