Court documents show that R. Kelly insisted on wearing the same dress as the Girl Scout.


A key witness in her sexual abuse case against R. Kelly testified Thursday that the R&B singer videotaped her sexual activity at the age of 16 and insisted that she dress like a Girl Scout. ۔

Gironda Pace, 28, one of the first women to accuse Kerry of sexual misconduct, spoke during her second day of testimony in Brooklyn federal court, the first of several prospective prosecution witnesses against Kelly, 54.

The singer, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, pleaded not guilty to the count of nine counts in which he was accused of dominating and demanded absolute commitment to these women and girls. With whom he had abused two decades of fraud.

Prosecutors say the three-time Grammy winner, whose songs include “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Bump N` Grind”, used a group of managers, bodyguards and others to recruit victims and threatened them. He said that if they ran away, they would be blackmailed.

Peace is one of the six alleged victims named in the charges.

There were four minors at the time of the alleged abuse, including Paes and singer Alia, who was 15 years old when she married Kelly. Alia died in a plane crash in 2001. Kelly was indicted in 2019.

Pace testified Wednesday that the abuse included the need to abide by “Rob’s rules,” such as getting permission to go to the bathroom, acknowledging Kelly when she entered the room, and calling her “Daddy.” To admit

The married mother of four also said she had herpes, a disease that prosecutors say Kelly transmitted deliberately.

Pace told Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Gades on Thursday that Kelly sometimes wanted to wear pugtails for her competitions and “dress like a Girl Scout,” but still advised her that she was 19 years old.

Upon investigation, Kelly’s lawyer, Durax Kank, tried to show that Kelly did not realize that Pace was underage, but despite his testimony, he saw his ID card, which stated that he was 16 years old.

Paes admitted on Thursday that he had signed a contract with Kelly stating that he had not shown her the card.

“I didn’t see it before I signed the contract,” he said.

After the prosecution resumed interrogation, Paes read from a January 2010 magazine entry where he wrote that Kelly had died and had sex with him for the last time when he saw her at his Chicago home.

Pace read, “Rob slapped me three times, and said that if I lied to him again, it would not be open next time.”

Defense attorneys have argued in court papers and in the trial that Kelly’s accusers were embezzling their accounts or lying for profit or that their relationship did not go as planned. Was

After Paes’ testimony ended, Chris McGraw, who said he had been Kelly’s doctor for 25 years, told the judges that he “100” believed the singer had herpes, treated in early 2007. Suggested and urged to tell his sexual partners.

The lawsuit is the culmination of years of skepticism and accusations against Kelly, discussed by many in the 2019 Lifetime Documentary “Remaining R Kelly” and almost four years after the start of the #MeToo era.

If convicted, Kelly could face up to life in prison. He also faces criminal charges related to sex in Illinois and Minnesota. – Reuters

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