Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker sheds light on blame game: ‘No one deserves it’


Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker sheds light on blame game: ‘No one deserves it’

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker recently turned to social media to focus on the need to prevent everyone from being held accountable for their situation.

He shared his thoughts in an Instagram post which read, “Some comments on my journey and the media has been quite disturbing, and I think I need to clarify. I thank you for all these ways. I am grateful for what I have received and the way I have been supported. No one deserves any blame. I would like to take this time for myself. And the journey I want to take is also my choice.

“These are my past and present choices that I am making to fix that which has brought me to this point. It is a great pleasure to go on this unconventional journey of healing, to share it with you because it is all of them. It feels purposeful for people who are traumatized and can benefit from the tools I learn along the way. It’s a pleasure. “

I’m going on this journey because I need to work to heal – and it’s hard work. I’m on a mission, and donations or any kind of cooperation are welcome because I absolutely need them, but no one needs to be held responsible for my situation, and I don’t even see the victim How effective is blaming.

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