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IUnfortunately, it appears that major cultural events in the country will continue to suffer from the corona virus crisis this year. Wedding Celebrations for the two most popular Punjabi poets, in which recognition, recitation and political divisions Waris Shah and Balha Shah follow the local calendar.

Waris Shah’s Wedding, On the fourth of Sawan, no one noticed, Balha Shah’s falling on the ninth of Bhadwan would be a better deal than a pleasant normal mood.

Even before the coveted, dates were moved or adjusted to and around Ramadan and Muharram. Wedding A later date is celebrated. Mela Chiraghan, Wedding Shah Hussain Chat is usually held on the 27th of Chat, usually in the last week of March each year, regardless of the date of the local calendar to facilitate people or people. Fair. When people are increasingly forgetting the actual dates Wedding Is considered and adjusted according to convenience.

Both Waris Shah and Balha Shah lived at a time when the Punjab was in complete chaos. At the beginning of the 18th century, the central government in Delhi was crumbling and the entire population was in a state of disarray, war and terror. Raids and uprisings had become a feature of life in the region. Waris Shah, despite the uncertainty, managed to remain calm and write. Diamond With the consolation of a poet who separates himself from the daily commotion. Balha Shah, on the other hand, was angry and unhappy with the breakdown of order in society, saying one thing and doing another.

At the lower level, Diamond It was a common folk tale written in many languages. Perhaps the most wonderful manifestation of this is in Punjabi. Diamond Traditionally sung. Fill in the blanks Which is popular across the subcontinent.

It began with several compositions beginning in Afghanistan. رباب. If there is such a thing as Punjabi. بھروین۔There is also a bungalow. بھراوین۔. Even if the notes are not different, ang Depending on the region or area in which it is being sung. بھروین۔, Sung in Banaras / Uttar Pradesh, is different from the songs sung in Sindh.

Coffee has been sung in Punjab and Sindh for centuries and it is difficult to say whether it was a poetic form that determined a melody to be labeled coffee or whether it was a melody that influenced the musical format of the poetic form as That it was ready.

It is difficult to say when Heer started singing. بھروین And who was the first bard or minister responsible for that, but like so many others in our history, it’s better to leave it at that. There is some research and documentation, including advanced forms of music. Marg, Or شاستریہ Or Classic Because it was more important and the protection of religious or cultural institutions. Of Indigenous, لوک Or folk music was considered a matter of practice rather than any ideological and philosophical basis.

The music of the people was, so to speak, unconventional, and did not correspond to the ideological or religious justification offered by the ideological apologists. enough.Also, it has been sung for centuries in the Punjab and Sindh region and it is difficult to say whether it was a poetic form that gave a Melody To be labeled as enough Or it was Melody Which influenced the musical format of the poetic form as it developed. These are the secrets that are embedded in the mercy of history. They form the raw material of the cultural matrix as it matures, taking into account a large number of influences in and out of the region.

Diversity can be due to respect for local customs, rituals and languages. Even religions, instead of adhering to established principles, rituals, and practices, may be tempted to say something out of the ordinary.

About 50 years ago, serious efforts were made to identify poets and their works, and Waris Shah’s shrine was rebuilt at Jandiala Sher Khan in Sheikhupura District. Serious scholarship efforts also went into creating an authentic one. Diamond Through Waris Shah, as we know, the free use of oral tradition has added and subtracted many texts. Local cultures and poets, especially in the Punjab, have been given less importance. A few years ago, a committee was formed to revisit the text and publish the works of poets in editions that were aesthetically pleasing. However, the plan has stalled once again.

The shrine of Bale Shah has been rebuilt. Its historical sanctity has been violated. Such efforts should always be about safety and not about rebuilding everything. Much of the work on historic buildings and structures leaves much to be desired. This is often accomplished with ease rather than the effort of experts. Buildings are not only valuable, they also reflect the spiritual concerns of the time.

The author is a culture. Critics based in Lahore

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