Pacquiao nears end after Yogas upset.


Las Vegas:

Jordanis Yogas brought Minnie Pacquiao to retirement on Saturday, leaving the veteran Filipino boxing icon in shock.

In his first fight after a two-year absence from the ring, Pacquiao was built to see everything in his 42 years as little Yogas retained his WBA welterweight crown at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. He was dominated by stingers and cleaners. .

The 35-year-old Yugas was drafted to face Pachiao earlier this month when Errol Spence Jr., the main opponent of the eight-division world champion, suffered an eye injury while training.

But the defending champion from Cuba had a great chance to win on all three of his cards, with one judge scoring 115-113 and two others 116-112.

A deposed Pacquiao later said he would take his time before deciding his future, but acknowledged that the boxing world may have seen him in the ring for the last time.

“In the future, you probably won’t see Mini-Pacquiao fight in the ring,” Peckio said. “I’ve done a lot for boxing and boxing has done a lot for me. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and thinking about my future in boxing.

“I did my best tonight but my best performance was not good enough. No excuses. I wanted to fight for the title in the ring, and the champion tonight is Yogas.”

It was a sweet victory for Yogas, who was awarded the WBA title when Pekoa was stripped of his ballot by the organization that approved him for being inactive earlier this year.

“We only had two weeks of training but I listened to my angle and it all worked out,” said Yogas, who is 27-4 with 12 knockouts.

“I am a fighter. I have been doing this since I was six years old. I knew inwardly that he would not defeat me tonight. I felt that he was coming into battle and that is what happened.

“I want to thank Minnie Pacquiao for sharing the ring with me.

“I will always respect him not only as a great fighter but also outside the ring.”

Pacquiao coach Freddie Roach also thinks the loss could lead the Filipino to retirement.

“I would hate the day Minnie retires, but it could happen. We’ll see what Minnie decides,” Roach said.

If Saturday’s fight proves to be his last, Picoau may have some complaints about his eighth career defeat, which has surrounded 72 fights spanning 26 years since 1995.

Although aggressive throughout the Philippines, advancing with a rapid pace of punches from the early rounds, some of his blows did significant damage to Yogas, who cleverly reached out and used his advantages at heights to frustrate Pacquiao. What

Yogas, meanwhile, continued to score with crisper punches that often shook Pakiwa on his heels.

Yogas’s shaky left jaw caused trouble for the entire Pacquiao, and he repeatedly damaged the chain of powerful rights.

After a KJI opening round, Yogas quickly proved themselves in the middle round, stunning Pequia with a left-right combination in the fifth and before finishing the sixth with a hard right second.

A T-Mobile mob of 17,438 tried to rally Pacquiao with the slogans “Money, Money”, but the army of Filipino fans continued to grow as the rounds wore out.

Pacquiao, with a cluster of red marks on his cheeks and forehead, demonstrated Yogas’ growing accuracy and effectiveness, as he struggled for a long time to change the color of the competition.

But Yugas will not be denied, and he fought defensively again after a double left job and a right hook in the 10th before closing the final round to win Pacquiao.

The greater accuracy of the Cuban fighter is reflected in the post-war statistics, which show that only 130 of the 815 punches landed by Pico. Yogas threw 151 out of 405.

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