To start the Geneva title defense



Inter Milan began their Italian league title defense with a 4-0 win over Genoa on Saturday.

Thanks to Mellon Schreiner and Hakan Kalhanoglu, Simon Inzaghi’s side were two goals down after 13 minutes, before Arturo Woodall and Eden Zico’s second half-strike saw a defeat in front of more than 27,000 spectators in San Cerro when the crowd stormed Italian stadiums. I came back.

“We worked hard today, we made a great start and we won,” said the impressive Kalhanoglu, who also provided a cross for Screener’s goal.

“It’s easy to play with teammates who have that kind of quality, you know how they’re going and we’ve all played very well together today. We want to continue that way.”

The grounds have been allowed by the Italian government to open up to 50% of the capacity, and although the crowd at the nearly 38,000 sites available in San Cerro was less crowded on Saturday, the roar from the stands returned some joy. Hard summer.

Coach Antonio Conte’s leave and star players Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi were sold out due to financial problems, but they played as if their difficulties were behind the new boss.

Screenar started the new season’s five-minute score with a powerful header from a corner of Kalhanoglu, who entered the strike eight minutes later after exchanging passes with fellow new signer Zeko. Doubled the lead.

Bosnian forward Zeko was the best from the front and was denied a debut goal when his removed shot bounced off the bar in the 24th minute when Inter dominated.

The hosts also fired two goals from both sides at half-time, Ivan Perisic and Kalhanoglu – who came from local rivals AC Milan to replace Christian Eriksen as he recovered from a cardiac arrest at Euro 2020. .

Vidal secured points in the 74th minute when he was swept home after being set up for Chile by Nico Barela after a third smart job by Giova star Salvatore Serigo.

A great warm evening in Milan was made even better for the home fans when Luzako was replaced by Desico, who completed Woodell’s deep cross with a brilliant header to end his score to score his first goal in the intercollegiate.

CEO Giuseppe Maruta told broadcaster DAZN before the match that Inter would bring another one, but he and Inzaghi both agreed on a new signing.

However, when DAZN reporters in Milan tried to name Anzagi after his first win as inter coach, Lazio’s director Agli Tare revealed to Sky Sports Italy that Argentine Joaquin Korea wanted to move to Inter.

“We know that Korea wants to leave Lazio, there is a chance he can go to Inter, but let’s see what happens,” Trey said.

Maurizio Siri, in-charge of the Roman club at the Amazon in Korea, was not even on the bench for the first league match, which was one of the weekend matches with a trip to Torino, Atlanta.

In the second opening match, Sassuolo won a thrilling 10-3 victory over Verona Verona 3-2.

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