Lord weighed in on his experience with teen stardom.



Lord weighed in on his experience with teen stardom.

Lorde recently sat down for a chat and became clear about his experience with teen stardom.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the singer made it clear.

“It’s not normal. My first single was too big – I thought, ‘It just happens,'” he was quoted as saying. I remember, again and again, the feeling that people wanted to drink my youth.

“Some nectar! People were like, ‘Give it to me!’ I felt, ‘God, this is about you.’ I knew what my youth was doing to people, but I just wanted to be good. [at music]. ”

“I’ve grown a lot in the years since I became famous. Many of my school friends refer to me as Mom, or Grandma. I’m their old lady friend.

“But my job is to play. So, in a way, you’re immortal. Dude, leave that sandbox. I’ll always be like my child because of what I do.”

Before concluding, he added, “It becomes difficult for people if the experiment proves to be very accurate if they feel it is fueling them.”


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