Nono is happy with Kane’s contribution to the Spurs’ victory.



Tottenham Hotspur coach Nono Esprito Santo was delighted with the contribution of substitute Hurricane Kane in his side’s 1-0 win at Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday, insisting on getting more from the striker. Is.

Kane has long been linked with Manchester City, with Premier League Champions manager Pep Guardiola acknowledging that the club is interested if the England captain is interested in signing him.

Kane, 28, was left out of Tottenham’s squad for his home win against City last weekend and played in the Europa Conference League at the hands of Pacos de Ferreira in Portugal in the midweek before coming off the bench of Molineux. Didn’t travel to defeat.

“He did well, he helped the team,” Nono said of Kane’s partnership. “He’s still in the process of improving his fitness. But he’s one of the best players in the world. You can see he helped the team get in control.”

Spurs fans warmly welcomed Kane to the field in the second half, before the striker was denied a good save by Jose Sa, a memory that did not prove costly, after which Daily Ali His initial penalty was enough to secure three points.

Nono added, “I was happy with the attitude of the spectators. We have to be together.

“He (Ken) is better today and he will be better tomorrow. He can still be better, we can’t impose any restrictions on him.”

New Wolves boss Bruno Ledge is confident his team is on the right track, despite a poor start to the season that has seen them lose two to two so far.

“I think we did well, the game stays in our hands for 90 minutes, they have two chances, two transfers, they have a penalty,” he said.

“We have 25 attempts to score a goal, in two games, we have 42 attempts and not a goal. I am unhappy with the result but I believe in working hard. Doing it now gives me confidence.

“It’s not a question of small things, it’s just a matter of scoring.”

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