Tom Cruise loves this Indian, Pakistani dish so much that he ordered a second.



Tom Cruise has made his love for a special Pakistani and Indian dish very clear during his latest visit to a restaurant.

Of Impossible mission The actor visited an Indian restaurant in the UK. Of hope, Which is owned by singer Asha Bhosle, and apparently likes one dish so much that she ordered another round.

Visiting Instagram, the restaurant shared a snap and revealed that the actor was so fond of his chicken taka that he re-ordered it as soon as he finished.

The post began, “It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Asha to the Omtomcruise in Birmingham last evening.”

“Tom ordered our famous Chicken Tika Masala and enjoyed it so much that as soon as he finished, he re-ordered it – the biggest compliment,

“We’re very proud to have joined the growing list of celebrities like Tom Cruise the Rolling Stones and Ed Sheeran who have dined at our award-winning restaurants.”

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