Arteta is under pressure to take Arsenal out of the desert.



Arsenal and Michel Arteta looked perfectly fit, but now, after the worst start to the league season in the Gainers’ 118-year history, fans around the world, including the Rwandan president, are attacking the Spanish manager.

The 39-year-old has been targeted by growing frustrated fans who have turned their anger towards the unpopular American boss Stan Crowe.

Bose stands out from home after Chelsea’s 2-0 win on Sunday – Artita appears to be the only one who doesn’t listen to him, later announcing: “I’m very positive with the crowd and the team today. I’m looking forward to it “- maybe to reach fever level by the end of this week.

Arsenal face West Bromwich Albion on Wednesday in the Champions League and then on Saturday face Premier League champions Manchester City.

Krunke opened the wallets at least in the near season, while the Gunners faced a clean sweep of Europe after finishing eighth.

Artita has so far spent 130 130 million (7 177 million), but without a quick comeback and no goals in either of their two league games, fans are already worried about another season of mid-table mediocrity. Waiting

His frustration with Artita is greater because of his Gunners lineage, due to the lack of his predecessor, Spaniard Unai Emery.

The former midfielder’s experience playing under Arsenal’s legendary manager Arsene Wenger from 2011 to 16 and his managerial apprenticeship under Pep Guardiola in Manchester City made him an ideal candidate.

Arsenal wanted to keep Wenger away from the city after he left in 2018, but had to wait until December 2019 after Emery failed to score.

Artita got off to a great start, winning the FA Cup in 2020 against Chelsea at Wembley, but there has been little joy since then.

Spanyard could point to factors such as the disappointing start to the season, such as the loss of key players such as Alexander Lacazette and the ونا 50 million signing of Ben White due to the corona virus.

He overcame last week the harsh assessment of the Rwandan president, who is Arsenal’s official sponsor – “We must not just apologize or accept moderation,” tweeted Paul Kagama. .

Former striker Ian Wright nodded in the latest display against Chelsea – Arsenal’s 60-match losing streak in Arsenal’s 20th Premier League.

“When you see the way Chelsea played us and the way (Romelu) Lukaku played, either they (Arsenal players) aren’t ready, they’re not listening, or they can’t do what they (Artita). (Wants. Do it, “he told the BBC’s Match of the Day.

“I don’t know what the tactics were. It was terrible for me.”

Sol Campbell, who has won two Premier League titles and two FA Cups under Wenger, says Arteta is probably safe for the moment because the club spent so much time and energy trying to get him.

However, Campbell is troubled by a lack of steel in defense or midfield, which Chelsea painfully exposed.

“Arsenal was built on this kind of football, skilled and strong,” he told Sky Sports.

“I want to see more of this character.

“With Artita, they’ve been chasing him for a long, long time. I think they’ll look at him and say, ‘Let’s see what this guy can do.'” But there’s always a time limit. “

Roy Kane, who is not known for his patience as a player, manager or pundit, instead blames senior players.

“I’ll give him (Artita) more, you’ll have to give the manager more time,” Kane said.

“Arsenal have great, young potential players but that’s just the potential.

“I don’t think Arsenal have real, high-quality players with good habits who will help youngsters.

“Arsenal have a lot of paid players and you can’t shift them.

“They don’t want to give up weapons because they live in London, they have a happy life.”

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