Deutsche criticized the club for criticizing the Burnley players.



Sean Deutsch has criticized Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp for naming Burnley players who he believes have gone too far in their offensive style compared to Saturday’s Premier League.

Klopp criticized Burnley strikers Ashley Barnes and Chris Wood for criticizing officials for allowing visitors to be overly physical in Liverpool’s 2-0 win at Enverfield.

The Germans said they were not 100% sure if we were really moving in the right direction with such decisions and stressed the need to protect the players.

But Deutsche was unhappy with the club’s decision to go public.

“My disappointment is that they are checking the names of the players. There is absolutely no need to do that,” Deutsche Welle told reporters on Monday.

“We have professional players who have worked hard in their careers where they have come from.

“I think the effect of their being unhappy with some of their challenges is wrong, I think it’s inappropriate.

“My review will be this: I’m not worried about the safety of the players, because I think the players are protected at a level that is incredible in my playing history – and in some cases, well, I must say. ۔

“My concern is that he is questioning that a team should not do everything to win the game within the rules, which we did explicitly, because there was not a single card.”

Klopp and Manchester United owner Ole Gunnar Solskjیرr expressed frustration with the referee’s new instructions over the weekend.

Both claimed that there was a danger of endangering football players if aggressive measures were not taken.

Asked about Klopp’s suggestion that fans “should watch wrestling if you like that kind of thing,” Deutsch said: “It’s up to him. His comments are what they are.

“It’s not up to me. (People) can use whatever words they want and express whatever they want and consider it appropriate to do so.”

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