Nice Marcel was summoned to a disciplinary hearing.



The French Professional League (LFP) said on Monday that Nice and Olympique de Marseille had been summoned for a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday because their League 1 match over the weekend had to be abandoned due to crowd concerns. Was

The game at Nice’s Allianz Riviera was abandoned on Sunday in the 75th minute when Marseille players clashed with home fans, who fired missiles at them and stormed the pitch.

Marseille midfielder Dmitry Payet was hit by a bottle thrown by Nice supporters as he was about to take a corner. After he threw the bottle back at them, a large-scale altercation broke out when some spectators ran into the field.

The South Stand, where police said the problem is concentrated, will be closed for the next four matches and an anti-projectile net will be laid in front of it, said the most senior Interior Ministry official for Nice and the surrounding area. Said in a statement.

“These spectators should never have been allowed on the pitch,” French Sports Minister Roxana Maracinino told BFMTV, adding that the tragedy was more tragic than how sports The places were empty for many months. Protocol

These incidents are an insult to sports and football.

The tragedy was also condemned by Nice Mayor Christian Estrusi.

This violence is unacceptable. Sanctions should be imposed by the French Football League when they find out who is responsible.

Local French media reports added that judicial investigations into Sunday’s troubles were ongoing.

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Following the arrival of the great Argentine Lionel Messi in Paris Saint-Germain, the league tarnished the image of France’s top flight in the hope of winning over a large audience around the world.

Nice and Marseille players retreated to the tunnel and referee Benoit Bastin stopped the game for 90 minutes before canceling the match.

The good players returned to the pitch shortly before the match was canceled, but Marcel’s team refused to join them.

Good President Jean-Pierre Rivera called for calm at the stadium’s public address system during the delay, but angry Marseille players and staff refused to move forward.

Marcelo president Pablo Longoria said the club had decided not to continue the match despite a decision by football officials that the game should resume.

Rivers partly blamed Piot and his teammate Alvaro Gonzalez for the chaos when they responded by throwing bottles at Nice fans and accusing Marseille staff of killing some of the domestic players.

However, Marseille Mayor Benoit Pian supported his club’s decision not to restart the match.

“My team is proud that they are not ready to take part in this excuse,” Payne wrote on Twitter.

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