The latest corona virus updates from around the world.


Paris: The latest developments in the Corona virus crisis are:

Pfizer gets full approval

The US Food and Drug Administration has fully approved Pfizer’s Covid 19 vaccine, a move expected to trigger a new wave of vaccine mandates as the Delta variant has affected the country.

– Starting from the Pentagon …

The Pentagon says it will order all active and reserve soldiers to be vaccinated under Code 19 after full approval of the Pfizer vaccine.

And New York has announced a vaccine mandate for all public school staff, including teachers and principals.

China: Zero Local Cases

China has not reported any new domestic cases, and Beijing appears ready for months of massive testing and targeted lockdowns to restore the most severe epidemic.

– Catalonia Curfew –

A Spanish court has rejected a request by the Catalan regional government to reintroduce a virus curfew in Barcelona and dozens of other cities, saying the move was “disproportionate” because the number of infections had dropped.

– Job in the future –

The UK has announced that it will deliver another 35 million doses of the Pfizer corona virus vaccine in the second half of next year to roll out its jobs.

– Lebanon to reopen classrooms

The education minister says Lebanese students will return to classrooms starting in September.

– School Jobs in Israel –

Israel says it will vaccinate students on a school basis as it announces that the school year will open on time next week, despite growing cases.

– Change of back guard –

Soldiers wearing berskin hats and red robes outside Buckingham Palace in London to change guards after the outbreak.

– But not the Prague Marathon –

Organizers of the Prague Marathon say they have canceled this year’s edition on October 9 due to local coveted rules.

More than 4.4 million killed

At least 4,430,846 people have died since the outbreak in China in December 2019, according to official AFP figures.

The United States is the most affected country with 628,503 deaths, followed by Brazil at 574,527, India at 434,756, Mexico at 253,155 and Peru at 197,879.

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