Formula One announces new award for taking the lead.



Formula One on Tuesday announced a new sponsored award for the driver who completes the most overtakes in a season.

The award, named after cryptocurrency partner, stands with those offered for the fastest lap and fastest input stop.

Formula One said in a statement that it was “designed to celebrate the bravery of drivers who take bold steps to achieve success.”

Some social media critics have suggested that this could be a reward for poor qualification, with top drivers who deviate from their position and overtake a significant number during the race.

Formula One says Austin Martin’s Sebastian Vettel has completed the most overtakes so far, as the championship kicks off this weekend in Belgium with an August break, but no figures have been released.

The new broadcast graphics will appear live during the race to highlight the possibilities for moving forward and keep the audience up to date with the standings. The winner will receive a trophy at the end of the year.

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