PL clubs will not release players for the Red List International.



The Premier League announced on Tuesday that its clubs would not release players for international matches in red-listed countries next month.

After the evening, the Spanish league said it would support the clubs if they decided not to leave the players in the red list countries.

Amid the frustration that players traveling to red-listed countries will have to abide by the rules of the UK’s Corona virus quarantine, which will put them out of many of their club’s matches, the league banned the September fixtures. Has been revealed.

The Egyptian Football Association said on Monday that Liverpool would not release Mohamed Salah for the next World Cup qualifier against Angola and Gabon due to quarantine rules.

It was also reported that Liverpool would refuse to release Fabino, Roberto Firmino and Allison Baker for Brazil’s three upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

Both Egypt and Brazil are on the UK government’s red list, with “mandatory 10-day isolation” for travelers returning from those countries.

With tensions mounting over the club vs. country issue, the Premier League took matters into its own hands.

Like the Liverpool trio, Manchester City stars Edson and Gabriel Jesus will no longer be allowed to play for Brazil.

Rafinha of Leeds, Fred of Manchester United, Richardson of Everton and Thiago Silva of Chelsea were also among the affected Brazilians.

Argentina are on the red list, so Tottenham’s Cristian Romero and Giovanni Lu Celso, as well as Austin Villa’s Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Bondia, will be unable to travel.

The Premier League said in a statement on its website: “Premier League clubs today have reluctantly but unanimously decided that players will not be released for international matches in the Red List countries next month. “

“The clubs’ decision, which has the full support of the Premier League, will apply to about 60 players from 19 Premier League clubs traveling to 26 red-listed countries in the September international window.

“It follows FIFA’s current position that it should not extend its temporary release for players who need to be quarantined upon return from international duty.”

La Liga currently has 25 players from 13 clubs affected, but that number could increase once the squads for Ecuador and Venezuela are announced.

“La Liga wants to say that it will support the decision of Spanish clubs in all fields not to leave their national team players for CONMEBOL call-up, and to take appropriate legal action against this decision. “Our competition by not allowing the availability of players,” the governing body said.

However, the controversy could escalate, with the Paraguayan football federation promising to take the case to FIFA if Newcastle refuses to release key forward Miguel Almeron.

“We have already approached the English federation with a request for Almeron’s release. If we do not succeed, we will go directly to FIFA’s Player Status Committee.” Told P.

Paraguay will face Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela between September 2 and September 9.

“The concession that allows clubs to refuse to release players is no longer in effect, so the release is mandatory for all clubs. It must be respected,” Kononikov added.

The issue was exacerbated by FIFA’s recent decision to extend the September and October international windows in South America by two days.

For British clubs, a possible solution for the UK government would be a waiver for players.

Talks were held between the football authorities and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, but no relaxation of the rules was considered.

The government did not feel that it could provide allowances for footballers because it was working to protect public health.

Last season, FIFA did not allow clubs to release players where quarantine was an issue.

The Premier League statement said: “Extensive discussions have been held with both the FA and the government to find a solution, but no No waiver. “

“If quarantine is required on return from Red List countries, not only will the well-being and fitness of the players be significantly affected, but also the preparation for the two Premier League match rounds, the UEFA Club Match Day and Will not be available for the third round of the EFL Cup. “

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