Artita hopes that with the return of the hat-trick man, ObiMiang will promote Arsenal.



Michael Arteta hopes the return of Pierre-Emerick Obamayang will boost Arsenal’s recovery as the Gabon striker marks his first start of the season with a hat-trick in the second round of the 6-0 League Cup at West Bromwich Albion.

Obama recalled Arsenal’s shock defeat at Brentford in his Premier League opener when he signed for the Coveted 19.

The Arsenal captain came off the bench in Sunday’s 2-0 home defeat against Chelsea but could not save his team from the worst start of the season.

As pressure mounted on Arsenal boss Artita, Obiamiang rode defensively against championship promotion chasers Albion in Hawthorns.

He scored Arsenal’s first goal of the season with two close-range attempts in the first half before sealing his hat-trick with a curling strike after the break.

Nicolas Pepe, Bokayo Saka and Alexander Lacazette also reached the score sheet to at least temporarily ease the pressure on Artita.

Obama gave his shirt to a young Arsenal fan as the travel assistant appreciated his team’s amulet.

Asked if fans returning after the lifting of the Kuwait ban could make a difference in Obama’s performance, Artita replied: “I hope they will.

“Obviously he’s a really good character and he needs that connection with people, with family, with friends, with fans.

“You can see the conversation when he left the pitch and I think that’s really a positive thing for him, yes.”

Artita has admitted that he is relieved to have won under his belt ahead of Saturday’s arduous journey to Premier League champions Manchester City.

Reports before Wednesday’s game claimed that Arsenal had appointed former Inter Milan boss Antonio Conte to replace Artita if the results did not improve rapidly.

“When you lose a game, you have to win as soon as possible.”

“Today’s game is going to give us some confidence. We had players who used to play a few minutes ago.

“After Obama’s coup, it would be great to get a few minutes and score three goals to build his confidence. Overall, I think it’s a really positive night.”

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