Bayern Munich beat Brenner 12 times in the German Cup.



Eric Maxim Chopo Moting scored four goals on Wednesday as Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich beat fifth-seeded Manu Bremer 12-0 in the first round of the German Cup.

The original tie was postponed in early August following the outbreak of Covid 19 in Bremer’s squad, which plays in Bremen’s regional league.

Byron took pity on his hosts.

They were 8-0 up when Bremer was limited to 10 men in the final 13 minutes when his defender Yugo Noble defeated Byron’s replacement midfielder Michael Cousins, who was on goal.

Even as their star striker Robert Lewandowski and German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer both rested, Bayern went into Sunday’s draw for the second round.

Chopo Moting completed his hat trick in the first 35 minutes and handed the captain’s arm for the second half, catching the fourth and Byron in the 10th.

“We threw ourselves into it from the first to the last minute, which is why the game turned out the way it did,” he said.

Germany winger Leroy Sain provided simple tape-ins for his first two goals before the Cameroon star hosted his third.

Former England youth star and now German international midfielder Jamala Musaila, 18, was in the first two goals of the half, then netted again shortly after the break.

He fired from home from a narrow angle, then hit the ball past the Bremer goalkeeper, which was helped by defender John Luca Warm into the net for his own goal.

“It was fun to score goals and get in rhythm,” Musala said.

It was 5-0 at half-time, but Bayern again scored two goals in a row when 19-year-old substitute striker Malik Tullman took full advantage of a defensive error before Musa scored the second goal.

Bayern coach Julian Naglesman made his debut for left-back Omar Richards after a free transfer from Reading this summer.

21-year-old American defender Chris Richards also gave a rare performance for the second half.

“It was clear we had to win the game – and win, but the way we did it was important,” said Naglesman, who praised Choupo Motting.

Earlier, after being muttered by the Bremen crowd, Sai was applauded as he scored the visitors’ eighth goal with 25 minutes left.

After Noble’s dismissal, French midfielder Michael Cousins ​​grabbed one of his own goals, then placed Chopo Moting at number four.

French dwarfs and Corinthians Tolisso scored late.

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