“One of the best in the world,” says Nono, the striker who lives in Spurs.



Tottenham manager Nono Esprito Santo has admitted that keeping Hurricane Kane was important to the club’s ambitions as he labeled the England striker “one of the best players in the world”.

Kane ended his long-awaited transfer story on Wednesday when he announced that he would be staying at Tottenham this summer after admitting that he would not be forced to move to Manchester City. ۔

Tottenham, 28, wanted to be Premier League champions after being frustrated by the 13-year trophy drought.

But City failed to ask Tottenham for £ 150 million (20 206 million), which eventually accepted the situation and said it was “100 per cent” focused on helping North Londoners.

“It’s important for us to be able to have one of the best players in the world,” Nono said.

“I think all the players have to show that we can make good things together.”

Although City are likely to renew their interest in January, Kane’s presence is a big boost for a Tottenham team that has won its first two league matches under Nono.

Ken Tottenham are second on the all-time list of goal scorers behind Jimmy Graves at 222, 45.

Asked if Kane’s goal now would be to overtake Graves, Nono added: “I’m glad he’s with us. Then I think all the players will have to break goals and records individually but All within the team.

“I don’t see any kind of players being selfish to consider individual situations. It’s within the group and the team. We have to succeed and compete and we need all the players.”

Ken has dropped out of two league cup finals, one Champions League final and two Premier League title races.

There are serious questions about whether Tottenham can challenge for the honors this season.

But Nono said: “Honestly I don’t think I have to please anyone. All I have to do is give them everything, help the players find solutions to improve, make them perform better so that The team can perform in one. The best way is that as we are doing, we are doing very well.

“He’s much better. Harry stayed with us for 20 minutes in the last game. He did brilliantly. He made progress, he’s getting better, it’s a daily routine and he’s an option for tomorrow.”

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