Rameez Raja accepts PCB chairmanship as Mani apologizes for continuing work: report


Former Pakistan captain Rameez Raja Photo: File.

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan cricket captain Rameez Raja on Thursday accepted the post of chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

The website quoted Rameez Raja as saying that the aim was to rearrange the GPS of Pakistan cricket and it would be looking for the best performance.

Three days ago, he told the website, after meeting the Prime Minister: “I have given him (Imran Khan) my plans, he will call.”

Ehsan Mani apologized to himself for continuing the work.

A few days after meeting Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is also the patron saint of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Ehsan Mani on Thursday apologized for continuing to serve as chairman of the PCB. Geo News. Is informed.

In a telephone call, Mani confirmed. Geo News. That he is no longer interested in working as the chairman of the PCB.

When asked if he had proposed a name for the post, he replied that details would be released by the Prime Minister’s Office.

In response to another question, Mani said that he did not want to continue his work as the chairman of the PCB. The sitting PCB chairman hung up the phone saying that he had said what he had to say.

On the other hand, sources said that PCB chief executive Wasim Khan has been given additional charge of the post of chairman temporarily as per the constitution of the board.

On August 24, a senior official said. Geo News. Ehsan Mani will serve as chairman of the PCB for a second term.

The development comes after media reports that the Prime Minister is considering appointing former Pakistan captain Rameez Raja as chairman of the PCB.

Meanwhile, according to a report published in NewsMani is likely to continue as a member of the PCB governing board and eventually run for a second term as chairman of the board.

Sources close to the development said that it is understood that the Raja will serve as the deputy chairman for a certain period, and then a change will take place.

Mani and former Pakistan Test captain Raja met Prime Minister Imran Khan in person on Monday to discuss the future setup of the cricket board.

Mani first met Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is also the board’s patron. Rameez also met the Prime Minister briefly.

A possible scenario emerging from the meeting is that Mani and Rameez will seek the approval of the Prime Minister as members of the PCB governing board for the next three years.

A source inside the PM’s House revealed: “There is a good chance that Mani will remain a member of the governing board and eventually run for a second term as chairman of the board. However, will he complete his second term?” This is another question.

News After meeting the PM, he also met Mani at a local hotel and questioned the results. “I am not in a position to share anything with you. It is the Prime Minister’s House that will make a statement about the meeting,” Mani told the publication.

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