Covid’s symptoms last for up to a year for many patients: a study.


PARIS: Fatigue and shortness of breath still plague many patients a year after they were hospitalized, according to a new Chinese study. Need

The study, published in the British medical journal The Lancet Friday, found that half of the patients discharged from the hospital for covid were still suffering from at least one permanent symptom – often fatigue or muscle weakness.

The study, the largest of the so-called “Long Cows,” added that one in three patients still have shortness of breath a year after diagnosis.

This number is even higher among patients who are more severely affected by the disease.

“Without proven treatment or even rehabilitation guidance, prolonged coagulation affects people’s ability to resume normal life and work,” Lancet said in an editorial published with the study. “

“Studies show that for many patients, a full recovery from Covid 19 will take more than a year.”

The study found that between January and May 2020, approximately 1,300 people were hospitalized for covid in the central Chinese city of Wuhan – the first infectious disease site to infect 214 million people worldwide. And more than 4 million people have died.

The proportion of patients observing at least one symptom decreased from 68% after six months to 49% after 12 months.

He said that respiratory distress increased from 26% of patients after six months to 30% after 12 months.

It found that affected women were 43% more likely than men to suffer from fatigue or persistent muscle weakness, and were twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety or depression.

But he said 88% of patients who had worked before their diagnosis returned to their jobs a year later.

The study includes previous research that warns authorities in various countries to be prepared to provide long-term support to health workers and patients with colic.

“Long-term first-order is a modern medical challenge,” the editorial said, adding that more research is needed to understand the condition and better care for affected patients.

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