Embape’s proposed Real Madrid win a financial ‘win’



Despite the devastating effects of the Cove 19 epidemic, Real Madrid still managed to bid 160 million euros ($ 188 million) for Paris Saint-Germain star Killian Mbabane and are in a “winning” position.

PSG Sporting Director Leonardo on Wednesday rejected the offer, saying it was “not enough” for the 22-year-old who signed a ین 180 million deal with Monaco four years ago.

The dramatically rising offer from the record 13-time European champions could potentially see Mbappe replace Paris Saint-Germain as Neymar, the world’s most expensive player from the French capital Barcelona for 2 222 million in 2017. Moved as a player.

According to Real’s latest accounts published in July, they boast a net worth of 534 million euros and 122 million euros in cash in the bank.

His total wage bill last season was 448 million euros, which is slightly less than the 473.3 million euros set by La Liga.

Since then, he has been paid more than Captain Sergio Ramos’ salary bill and sold Mbappe’s international team-mate Rafael Varane, another high-earning man, to Manchester United for 40 million euros.

He raised the same amount for Arsenal from the sale of Martin Odigard.

In 2020, Moroccan wingback Echraf Hakimi, Spain defender Sergio Regilon and midfielder Oscar Rodriguez collected 90 million euros and left for Santiago Bernabeu.

A leader in the field of football finance believes that Los Blancos can afford Mbabane.

“Real Madrid have around 29 29,290 million for recruitment,” Placido Rodriguez Guerrero, a professor at the University of Oviedo and president of the Sports Economics Observatory in Spain, told AFP this week.

At Real Madrid, Mbabane’s annual salary will be around 35 35 million (70 70 million total).

“To increase investment, Real will offer a contract for at least six seasons. With the transfer fee, we are considering an investment of 620 million euros from Real,” he added.

Mbappe has a year to run his contract at Park de Princes, which the club has decided to follow in Neymar’s footsteps, and to secure an attractive attacking trio with newcomer Lionel Messi, Is pushing for renewal.

The France World Cup winner never hid his desire to try new pastures.

In May 2019, he opened the door to leave PSG because he felt he needed “more responsibilities.”

Guerrero believes Real want to move beyond the end of the transfer window on August 31.

“It will be a win-win deal,” he said.

“PSG can earn around 22 225 million euros, with a sense of transition and a player’s salary.

“If the deal is pushed back next summer, PSG will get zero euros.

“Real Madrid are pushing for a transfer right now, because next summer, when the player is a free agent, an English club, for example, could offer a net salary of 50 million euros, which Real is not fighting. Against the can, “he added.

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