Liverpool face Chelsea in the opening title showdown.



Liverpool and Chelsea face off in the first heavyweight clash between the title contenders for the Premier League season, while Arsenal’s goal is to move away from the mark when they visit Manchester City on Saturday.

Arsenal suffered a loss to Chelsea last weekend as Romelu Lukaku scored in his second debut to give the Blues a 2-0 victory.

Belgium, who returned to Stamford Bridge with a club record of 97 97 million (13 133 million) this month, scored their 114th Premier League goal in the UAE, but failed to impress in their first spell at the club. The first of.

Now 28, Lukaku needs the full package and the final piece to turn Thomas Tachel’s European champions into Premier League winners.

Chelsea and Liverpool are two of the five teams that have scored the most points in two games with West Ham, Tottenham and Brighton.

But of the pre-season title favorites, they have already opened up a two-point lead over Manchester United and a three-point lead over Manchester City.

Lukaku is facing a tough test at a full Nfield in which the return of the fans and the injury of the Talesman center back Virgil van Dijk rejuvenated him.

The Dutchman’s presence has seen Georgian Klopp’s men put on two clean sheets in their opening games against Norwich and Burnley.

But goalkeeper Alison Baker acknowledged that beating Chelsea would send a much stronger signal to their title rivals that Liverpool were back to their best.

“It’s a good sign for what we believe and what we want to achieve because you’re playing one of the favorites in the title race and if you can beat any of them, your It’s always good to have confidence. ” Brazilian

“We won the Premier League first and we know we always need to think about our next challenge, so this game is important.”

Arsenal are second in their first two league games without a point or even a goal, and if they are to break the drought before the two-week international break, the defending champions face a difficult journey. will have.

The Gunners beat the young West Brom side 6-0 in the League Cup at midweek to ease the pressure on manager Michael Arteta. Test positive for corona virus.

Arteta has reportedly been given the go-ahead until the October international break, but Arsenal’s recent record against the city on Saturday provides little hope.

City have not lost to Arsenal in the league since 2015 and cannot afford another slip after losing to Tottenham in the first weekend of the season.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy was forced to concede another defeat this week when Hurricane announced he would stay at Tottenham this season.

The England captain wanted to join the alliance with the aim of ending the wait to win the trophy, but City were unwilling to meet the demands of a fee levy higher than the Premier League record they had previously paid for Jack Gresh. ۔ This month.

Despite speculation about his future, Kane was greeted by Tottenham Support, who traveled the wolves last weekend.

Having linked his future with his boyhood club, he is expected to start the league for the first time this season when the Spurs aim to make their best start at Watford’s home.

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