The coach says that Barty is missing from Australia but wants to maintain the top rank.



Coach Craig Tizer said Ash Barty’s brilliant year on the tennis tour has not saved him from domestic troubles but he is determined to continue working at the Australian US Open and beyond and remain world number one.

The 25-year-old stayed at home in Queensland in 2020 as the Coveted 19 spread around the world but returned to the tour this year to win Wimbledon and four other titles.

Now warming up in New York for the US Open starting on Monday, Barty will meet Vera Zonareva in the first round.

With Australia’s stringent quarantine laws dashed hopes of going home immediately to recharge, Teaser said Barty’s five-month absence was sometimes a struggle.

“It wasn’t easy. It was definitely so hard to stay away and play and stay fresh for so long,” he told Reuters from New York on Friday.

“We are trying our best to fix all these things. Sometimes we have, sometimes we don’t.

“But she has been really consistent only in her ability to play and in all the matches. He should be really proud of what he has done so far this year.

Apart from the quality of elite players who constantly chase ranking points and preseason, Barty has taken two long and voluntary breaks from the game.

Tired of touring at the age of 18, he quit his job for a year and a half and became a professional cricketer before returning to tennis in 2016.

She came back strong from this break, winning her first WTA singles title in Malaysia and making it into the top 20 by the end of 2017.

When asked if taking a long rest before dominating could be a perfect example of the rest of Barty’s tennis career, Tiser said: “I think if he had more time at home he might be back. Does not come

“She likes to be at home, she loves her family and the Australian way of life. (But) I don’t think it’s a good formula to keep her off for long.

“She’s at her best when she’s playing tennis a lot.”

True number one.

Although almost 2020 was resting for all of 2020, Barty retained his world number one spot thanks to a five-month suspension of the WTA Tour due to the Cove 19 epidemic.

As US Open champion Naomi Osaka won the Australian Open title in February, questions were asked about who the real number one was.

There is no discussion now. Barty is more than 3,000 points behind world number two Ariana Sabalinka in the rankings, while third-placed Osaka slipped further after being knocked out of Wimbledon.

Barty’s first Wimbledon title was a childhood dream come true and she admitted on Sunday that she was still pursuing it.

However, Teaser said Barty was already setting other goals.

“Obviously she would like to hang on to number one and keep pushing for it as long as she can,” he said.

“We have a grand slam and there is another purpose to it.”

Winning a Grand Slam on grass and mud, Barty will try to win her first hard court major at Flushing Meadows, where Osaka’s raw power has ruled two of the last three years.

Tiser said Barty is more of an all-court player than a straight baseline pounder like Osaka, but the Australian game is also suitable for hard courts.

The duo will enjoy a showdown with Osaka as they reach the US Open final.

“As the matches go up, she loves these kinds of challenges and likes to compete against the best players out there,” Tizer said.

“Hopefully something like that will happen here.”

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