Super League rebels are planning next coup: report.


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According to German magazine Spiegel, the other three Super League rebel clubs – Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus – are planning another next attempt to change the UEFA Elite Champions League competition.

Last April, a separate group of 12 clubs sent shock waves through European football to set up a new elite competition for their short-term.

It was designed to take power away from UEFA, the governing body of European football.

The uprising ended within 48 hours when nine clubs – Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur – despite strong opposition from fans, players and politicians. Stepped back Organizations

However, Spiegel The rest of the rebel clubs – Real, Barcelona and Juventus – are reportedly working with two consulting agencies on their next attempt to launch “Super League 2.0”.

Spiegel says it has seen a 10-page document entitled “Paving the way for the Super League: Reconstruction, Reorganization and Victory Strategies”.

It runs a campaign to win over other top clubs and celebrities, such as politicians, stakeholders and journalists.

The strategy outlines different scenarios for a new competition, such as Super League 1, which includes 20 clubs instead of the Champions League and a Super League 2, which includes 20 clubs instead of the Europa League.

There will be growth and decline between the two leagues.

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