The government set the price for the Code-19 booster shot


Covid19 vaccine. Image: File.

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of National Health Services has fixed the price of Code-19 booster shot at Rs 1,270 for those traveling abroad on Saturday.

According to a notification issued by the Ministry of Health, those who plan to travel abroad can now take booster doses.

Read the notification, “Vaccine booster dose fee will be Rs. 1270 per dose.”

Vaccination payments can be made to the Head of Account at all branches of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP). C02-receipts, C027-community services, receipts from non-tax revenue, civil administration and other functions. And C02721-proceeds from the sale of sera and vaccines.

It is worth mentioning here that booster doses will only be available at selected vaccine centers.

On August 24, SAPM on Health Dr. Faisal Sultan said that Pakistanis who want to travel abroad and need a specific vaccine according to the needs of the country concerned will now be able to get such a vaccine. He said the vaccine would be allowed on a travel basis, not on medical grounds.

He added that for this purpose, he would have to show his visa to the country concerned, while the vaccine would be allowed for nominal compensation from September 1.

Faisal Sultan had said that the payment would be received only in this category as the government wants to facilitate all students or businessmen or tourists who want to go abroad, but they face obstacles due to lack of necessary vaccinations. ۔

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