Lewandowski scored a hat-trick of 300 goals for Bayern Munich.



Robert Lewandowski scored a hat-trick as Bayern Munich beat Hertha Berlin 5-0, the Polish striker crossed the 300-goal milestone for the defending Bundesliga champions.

Byron took an early lead through Thomas Mرller before Lewandowski hit both sides of Jamal Musala’s goal.

After scoring a record 41 Bundesliga goals last season, Lewandowski has already scored five times in three league matches this term.

Lewandowski could have ended with a four, allowing Mرller to score the opening opener, stepping on the ball.

“Sometimes the first goal is the most important. It was right for Thomas to drop the ball – I knew he was there,” said Lewandowski, who has scored three or more goals in 15 Bundesliga games of his career. Are

“We had control of the game and everything was planned.

“I’m always hungry, I feel great and I’m always striving to get to the next level, always ready to improve.”

Mرller said Lewandowski was playing “on the second level.”

Lewandowski doubled the lead in the second attempt after Miller’s opener when he hit a crossbar for the first time when Bayern outscored Herta.

He has scored in 16 consecutive games for Byron in all competitions, more than the club’s late legend Gerd Mرller, who scored in 15 consecutive games in 1969/70.

Hertha’s fortunes did not improve when their goalkeeper Alexander Shovolo cleared a corner and approached Berlin captain Dedrich Boyata and the pair nodded.

Byron’s third came shortly after the break when Mرller won and Masiala, 18, beat two defenders and opened fire inside the post.

Maysala paved the way for Leroy Sai, who finished second to Lewandowski, responding to recent Bayern fans’ whispers.

Sai exchanged passes with M مولller, then cut through the defense on the left and gave Lewandowski a simple advantage for his 300th goal in all of Bayern’s matches.

He completed his hat trick when Joshua Kammich’s corner Tangui Nyanzo hit the back post to go to Lewandowski’s house.

The defeat moved Bayern to second place in the table, seven points behind leaders Bayer Leverkusen, who beat Augsburg 4-1 thanks to two early goals on goal difference.

Augsburg got off to a disastrous start when Brazilian defender Iago and striker Florin Niederlchner both converted the ball into their own net to give Leverkusen a 2-0 lead after 14 minutes.

Leader Cousin’s goalkeeper Lucas Haradiki went off his own line and when he stabbed at home, the Netherlands corrected.

It was one-way traffic in the second half as Leverkusen overcame goals from Patrick Schick and Florin Wertz.

Freiburg is third after a 3-2 victory at Stuttgart, where all goals were scored in the first half.

21-year-old South Korean forward Jeong Woo-young started the dream for Freiburg with two goals in the first two minutes before striker Lucas Holler made it 3-0 just before half-hour.

Shortly before half-time, Stuttgart fired a quick fire from striker Hamadi al-Ghadivi and defender Constantinos Mauropanos.

Austrian midfielder Patrick Weimer made his Bundesliga debut with a tie with Armenia Baileyfield and drew 1-1 at home with Eintracht Frankfurt four minutes later.

If they win their third consecutive league game at home with Champions League team-mate RB Leipzig on Sunday, Wolfsburg could regain the top spot.

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