The Taliban say the United States will have no right to invade Afghanistan after August 31.


Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen Photo: File.

KABUL: Reacting to a US drone strike in Nangarhar province on Sunday, Sohail Shaheen, spokesman for the Taliban’s political office, said Washington would have no right to strike in Afghanistan after August 31. Geo News. Is informed.

According to Reuters, the United States had carried out a drone strike against the “planner” of ISIS in eastern Afghanistan, the military said on Friday that a suicide bombing at Kabul airport had killed 13 American soldiers and hundreds of Afghan civilians. ۔

Asked whether the US drone strike was carried out with the consent of the Taliban, Shaheen said the Taliban-led government would stop any such attack in Afghanistan after August 31. He said this during the conversation. Geo News. Program “New Pakistan”

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid condemned the overnight US drone strike against ISIS militants following Thursday’s suicide attack near the airport, calling it a “clear attack on Afghan soil.”

His position was that the United States should have informed him before the attack.

Talking about the new cabinet, Mujahid said that the announcement would be made next week, but later in a voice message he said that the make-up of the new cabinet would be cleared “in a week or two”.

Asked if any women would be included in the new cabinet, he said it would be a matter for the leadership to decide and he could not predict what would happen to them.

US drone strike targets ISIS

Earlier, the United States carried out a drone strike against ISIS ‘planners’ in eastern Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden on Thursday vowed that the United States would find those responsible for the attack, saying he had ordered the Pentagon to draw up plans to attack the perpetrators.

The US Central Command said the attack was carried out in Nangarhar province, east of Kabul and bordering Pakistan.

The U.S. military says in a statement that “initial indications are that we hit the target. We know there were no civilian casualties.” It did not say whether the target was linked to the airport attack.

A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the attack was against an ISIS militant who was planning future attacks.

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