Macy started PSG because Mbabane stole the show.



Lionel Messi came on as a substitute for his debut at Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday, but Killian Mbabane stole the show with both goals in a 2-0 win over the Rams in League 1.

Messi, wearing the number 30 jersey, left the band in the 66th minute to replace Neymar at the Stade Augusta Dillon, where a crowd of 21,000 had earlier chanted his name.

Argentina have not played for Barcelona since arriving in Paris from Barcelona almost three weeks ago, their last appearance in any game since the Copa America final on July 11, when they led their country to victory against Brazil. ۔

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner will have to wait for his first goal with his new club and his first start, which could come when PSG host Clermont in their next match on September 11.

“I’m glad he made his debut. It was very important to him,” PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino told broadcaster Amazon Prime after Macy’s less important debut in the PSG shirt.

“He is still far from his best form but he is training well and after the international break he will be fit in the next two weeks and yes, we are waiting for the best.”

In the week leading up to the game, it was not Messi but Mbabane who spoke of the future, with Real Madrid reportedly rejecting two offers for the France World Cup-winning striker.

The latest offer, valued at 180 million euros (2 212 million), is an astronomical sum for a player whose contract expires at the end of the season and who will be back in January without a PSG. Will be free to negotiate a contract with the club. Able to receive transfer fee

That’s the same amount the PSG paid Monaco in 2017 to sign Mbabane, who clearly wanted to see if it was his last appearance for the club.

With Tuesday’s transfer deadline approaching, the 22-year-old didn’t seem too upset about the move as he headed in the 15th minute towards a stunning Angel de Maria Cross.

Mbappe then finished second in the night and third in the season, just after the hour mark, eliminating the lesser invitee to the previous post by Echraf Hakimi.

“Killian is our player and you know there are always gossip and rumors in football and business,” Pochettino said of Embape.

“I think our president and our sporting director were very clear and they are still here.

“He’s one of the best players in the world today and it’s a gift to be with us.”

The Rams were once France’s leading club, having twice reached the European Cup final in 1956 and 1959, but it has long been the focus of football in the city, 150 km northeast of Paris in the Champagne region. Is. To an extent.

The home side, whose coach Oscar Garcia played for Barcelona in the 1990s, did not think Zimbabwe’s Martial Mancini allowed offside early in the second half.

They fought well but the chances of any team in France stopping PSG – even if Mbappe leaves – are slim.

Neymar made his debut for the season, while De Maria also played in the All-Star Attack.

They are the only team in League 1 to have scored a maximum of 12 points after four games and are two points away from the amazing Package Ingers, who beat the Rains 2-0.

Defending champions Lilly recorded their first victory in a League 1 campaign as Youssef Yazchi and Jonathan David beat Montpellier 2-1.

Monaco bounced back from the Champions League play-offs in midweek to win 2-1 at Troas, with Sophian Diop’s strap securing his first win of the league season.

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