The CAA extended the ban on incoming flights until September 30.


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In light of the Corona virus situation in the country, the Aviation Authority on Monday decided to extend the ban on incoming flights and continue the ban on Category C countries.

The CAA has extended the ban on domestic flights until September 30, as it continues to impose restrictions on Category C countries, a notification said Monday.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) notification on Monday said that all Pakistanis whose return from Category C countries to Pakistan is scheduled for September 30 can travel to the country without any special exemption.

The notification said that they should have a negative PCR test result within 72 hours before starting their journey to Pakistan.

The CAA had earlier said in a travel advisory that all domestic travelers aged six years and above must get the correct result of PCR test within 72 hours before starting their journey to Pakistan. ۔

The travel advisory said that “all incoming passengers aged 6 years and above will be tested through rapid antigen testing on arrival in Pakistan.”

It said that positively tested passengers between the ages of six and 12 would be quarantined at home under the supervision of the concerned authorities.

The Travel Advisory stated that “Positive test takers over the age of 12 will be quarantined in a designated facility in accordance with the existing procedure.”

The advisory added, “Given the volatile nature of the Covid 19 situation, any or all incoming passengers may face additional conditions as ordered by the relevant health authorities upon arrival in Pakistan.” “

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