Versatile won the shortest race in Formula One.



Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the shortest race in Formula One on Sunday, a wet Belgian Grand Prix with no overtaking, which was canceled as soon as the safety car-driven laps were completed to give him half the points.

Without the permission of the original racing, the Dutchman won his sixth win of the season before Britain’s George Russell, who put Williams in the front row with a superb display in the wet qualifying on Saturday.

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton, who once again missed out on a record 100th win, finished third for Mercedes.

It was only the sixth time since the first championship in 1950 that half points had been awarded, and Hamilton’s lead over Worstapen in the overall rankings was just three points.

Red Bull reduced its deficit to seven for Mercedes in the constructors’ stand.

“It’s a shame not to make the right laps, but things were very difficult there,” Verstapen said after the seal, adding that it would be the 16th win of his career and his first victory at the spa.

“Of course it’s a win, but it’s not how you want to win.”

Fans who sat for three hours in the pouring rain and cold should be given their money back, Hamilton said.

Russell won his first Formula One podium in his 50th race with Williams and gave his first top three result to the former champions in 2017 after the Canadian Lance Stroller finished third in Baku.

“We often don’t get the big qualifying rewards and that’s exactly what we did today,” said the 23-year-old.

“The whole team deserves it because it’s been working so hard over the last few years and there’s really nothing to show for it.”

Bad conditions.

Even before the start of the race, conditions at the Spa Frankchamps were deteriorating.

The formation lap was initially delayed by 25 minutes, but due to low visibility, Formula One race director Michael Messi suspended the start of the race.

After about three hours, race control found a window to send the vehicle out for two laps behind the safety car, making sure they covered the minimum distance required to announce the race results. Done.

The governing FIA’s final race rating, however, was given a position after Leap One, explaining that it is in accordance with the rules of the game.

The race was finally canceled three hours and 44 minutes after its scheduled time and will drop to 11th in the game’s statistics, without a retirement.

Mexico’s Sergio Perez dropped his red bull before he could get on the grid, but his officials allowed him to start the race. Red Bull mechanics took advantage of the delay to complete the repair.

It turned out to be useless because the 31-year-old was given the final rank.

Hamilton’s Mercedes team-mate Voltaire Bottas, who started 13th after a five-position grid drop, moved up one spot after Perez’s crash. He finished out of points in the 12th.

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