Kane insisted that Manchester had a “clear conscience” over the harassment.



Tottenham striker Hurricane has insisted he has a “clear conscience” after a failed attempt to force him to leave Manchester City.

Ken returned late in pre-season training as he tried to persuade Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy to allow him to become Premier League champions.

The England captain believed he had signed a gentleman’s contract with Levy, which allowed him to be sold once Tottenham failed to win the trophy and missed out on a Champions League spot last season. ۔

Ken was increasingly frustrated with Tottenham’s 13-year trophy drought and went public with a desire to leave the North London club before Euro 2020.

However, City refused to ask for a levy of 150 150 million (20 206 million) and last week the 28-year-old posted on Twitter that he would be staying at Tottenham this summer.

Tottenham fans chanted “Are you watching Hurricane” as they beat City without a striker in the opening weekend of the Premier League season.

But Kane has been warmly welcomed by supporters since his commitment.

Asked if he feared his reputation could be tarnished, Kane told TalkSport: “No, I don’t think so. Anyone in the football industry knows about it and I was calm with the situation.

“It was between me and the club, when you know the truth and you know what’s going on, your conscience is clear.

“I’ve had ups and downs and I know a lot of people who know I’m a professional athlete and have dedicated my life to the game.”

Tottenham have started the new season despite the Cannes controversy, with Non-Esprito Santo topping the Premier League side with three wins in a row.

“My focus is on winning silverware at Tottenham and this year is no different,” Kane said.

“We have made a great start with three wins in the Premier League and we have a new manager. That is my focus.

“We want to win as many games as possible and get the trophy I want in all my career.”

Over the summer, Kane led England to the Euro 2020 final, only to suffer a heartbreaking penalty shootout against Italy.

Kane, who is currently with the England squad ahead of the World Cup qualifiers, said he was now fully focused on achieving his goals at Tottenham.

“I’m very good at getting away from everything. I was in England for a few days after the final and then went on vacation for a few weeks and I was rarely on my phone,” he said.

“I know there was a lot of noise around me but I was calm. I knew the situation between me and the club.

“Everyone had their own opinion, but I’m totally focused on the club and the country and looking forward to a better year.”

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