You do not need a booster shot when fully vaccinated: ECDC.


STOCKHOLM: A fully-fledged European agency said Wednesday that fully vaccinated people do not need immediate booster jobs against Covid 19, but that an additional dose should be considered for people with a depressed immune system.

The European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) said, “Based on the current evidence, fully vaccinated individuals in the general population do not urgently need to administer booster doses of the vaccine.”

But, he added, “it is important to differentiate between ‘booster’ doses for those who responded appropriately to basic vaccinations and additional doses for people with weakened immune systems who did not respond appropriately.”

In the latter case, additional doses “should be considered already”.

The report comes after criticism from the World Health Organization that rich countries are preparing to provide booster doses while poor countries are still struggling to get supplies for the first round of jobs.

The WHO said on August 18 that scientific data did not prove the need for a booster.

Mike Ryan, the agency’s emergency director, said rich countries were “giving extra life jackets to those who already have life jackets, while leaving other people to drown.”

Some countries are promoting booster jobs not only for vulnerable people but also for large populations, amid signs that vaccines against the highly transferable delta species are declining.

All vaccines authorized in the EU / EEA (European Economic Area) are currently highly protective against hospitalization, serious illness and death related to COVID 19, while in the EU / EEE over 18 years of age. One in three adults is not yet fully vaccinated, “the ECDC said.

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