How can Russia help Pakistan in the SCO summit?



Pakistan and Russia are currently the two most influential external stakeholders in stabilizing Afghanistan.

The SCO summit will take place September 16-17 in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe. It is clear that after the evacuation, Afghanistan will be at the top of the bloc’s agenda. There is no better time for Pakistan to present itself as a responsible stakeholder in the stability of its neighbor, which has given a positive impression of its role in the conflict and everything that follows. Can change as Pakistan should also prioritize the defense of its regional security interests in order to raise awareness of the dangers posed by Afghan terrorists and to suggest realistic solutions to deal with them.

The three main terrorist threats to its interests are ETIM, ISIS-K and TTP, all of which can help accelerate the hybrid war on terror on C-Pack, whether voluntary or non-voluntary. At the request of the country’s patron. These groups believe that all attacks against this series of mega-projects, especially those targeting Chinese nationals, will draw disproportionate attention to their respective causes and negatively manipulate perceptions about Pakistan. To do so, the enemy will facilitate the efforts of the information forces. So the challenge is threefold: stop the infiltration of terrorists based in Afghanistan. Prematurely thwart attacks by people already in the country and properly manage perceptions about Pakistan.

The first challenge has already been largely dealt with by erecting fences along the border as well as many forts, the second is currently being dealt with by the country’s security services and the third is a struggle as has always been the case. ۔ The SCO can help improve the effectiveness of Pakistan’s three-pronged counter-terrorism strategy. As for the first challenge, Islamabad should see that the bloc condemns the three terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan. They should also make the country’s Taliban-led government conditional on formal recognition in order to successfully suppress the efforts of the three organizations to exploit Afghan territory to attack third countries, especially the TTP.

The Taliban appear to be ideologically sympathetic to the terrorist group, so it should be pressured by the SCO not to neglect its security responsibilities. Any of the possible attacks in Pakistan by the TTP and the other two terrorist groups will have an immediate impact on China’s security and at the same time see how important C-Pac is to its grand strategy to make the People’s Republic bigger. Try to hang the economic and financial carrot on the scale. In return, the Taliban’s support is more actively thwarting their plans. No member of the SCO should formally object to this even if some suspect that some people in India secretly want the group to carry out terrorism on C-Pack for zero reasons. Accelerate hybrid warfare.

In contrast to the recent UN Security Council resolution on Afghanistan, the SCO joint statement should clearly condemn the three organizations in order to signal the bloc’s unity in the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism. Coins It shows how the SCO can help Pakistan address the other challenges mentioned earlier in thwarting terrorist attacks that have already entered the country. One of the practical outcomes of the forthcoming summit should ideally improve the bloc’s existing anti-terrorism intelligence sharing mechanism among its members. Close coordination is needed to ensure collective security against these unconventional threats.

With regard to the latter of the three challenges, Pakistan’s active participation in this month’s SCO Summit could change the perception of its role in the conflict and everything that follows. Islamabad must publicly acknowledge to its institutional partners the sacrifices it has made over the past two decades in the fight against terrorism, and the game-changing effect that the United States had when it withdrew from Afghanistan in February 2020 to negotiate with the Taliban. ۔ New Delhi may not want to compliment its neighbor’s domestic political reasons, as well as its desire to maintain negative stereotypes about Islamabad, but Moscow may agree for the sake of pragmatism.

As the reader has already guessed, India may try to thwart Pakistan’s plans during this month’s summit, which is why Russia’s role will be crucial in ensuring that New Delhi succeeds. Don’t be Clearly, Russia is by no means against India and has always kept in mind the best interests of its decades-old special and privileged strategic partner, but Moscow has recently restored the balance in its South Asian strategy. What’s more, it has more practical implications. Despite formally declaring the group a terrorist with the Taliban more than any other country except Pakistan. The Kremlin could therefore facilitate relations between India and the Taliban in return for agreeing not to sabotage the New Delhi SCO summit.

It is in Russia’s objective interest that the summit be a success, especially with regard to Pakistan’s perceived counter-terrorism outcomes as outlined earlier. Moscow is angry that a recent UN Security Council resolution ignored most of its proposals, which led it to abstain from voting. And jointly manage it with its Chinese strategic partner. . India also has an objective interest in maintaining good relations with Russia, not only to encourage the Kremlin to facilitate its relations with the Taliban, but also to balance the South Asian state’s capabilities in general. Also in terms of relying on the Eurasian great power to improve. Compared to the United States

So it would be surprising if India unilaterally sabotaged Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts at the SCO summit because doing so would also harm the interests of its Russian ally, which would ultimately be New Delhi. Will cause great strategic damage as in the previous sentence. This observation shows how the growing interest in relations between Russia and Pakistan over the past few years has strengthened Islamabad’s strategic security as it prevents New Delhi from undermining those interests that Its neighbors are now with Moscow. Russia’s acknowledgment of Pakistan’s role in improving the situation in Afghanistan is also influential globally and can shape perceptions abroad.

The result is that the success of the SCO Summit against terrorism will depend on the active proposals of Pakistan and the practical efforts of Russia to ensure that India does not sabotage their declaration at the end of zero. Relevant security interests will also be harmed. Pakistan and Russia are currently the two most influential foreign stakeholders in stabilizing Afghanistan because of their excellent relations with the Taliban, so it is natural for them to take the lead during this month’s summit. And as closely as they can, their leaders imagined during a phone call last week. There are many reasons to expect this to happen because they share so many interests today.


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