Paris praised Tokyo for withdrawing from the Games.


The chief of 2024 Games, Thobos, says the organizers will be as prepared as possible to meet the challenges.


Etienne Thobos, CEO of Paris 2024, on Friday praised Tokyo’s “remarkable” ability to withdraw from the Olympics amid 19 epidemics and said Paris would take the baton to prepare for the Games in three years’ time. is ready.

Thobois told Reuters in an interview that Paris organizers would be as prepared as possible to meet any challenges to the success of the Games.

“My first reaction (about holding sports during epidemics) is that we need to thank our Japanese friends. It’s amazing to be able to overcome this special situation,” said Thobos. “It’s a remarkable achievement.” Visit to Tokyo for the Paralympics

“They had to deal with it, and they did a great job. Obviously, in three years from now, we hope it will be behind us, or not at the same level of anxiety.”

But of course we learned from it. “The Tokyo organizers, who had already postponed the Olympics for a year due to epidemics, made the unprecedented decision to hold the Games without spectators to help prevent the spread of the virus.

They also implemented a series of safety measures, including repeated testing, mandatory mask wear and bubble atmosphere, described in “playbooks” distributed to athletes and other Olympic participants.

The Tokyo Paralympics are set to close on Sunday and begin the countdown to the next Summer Games, opening in Paris on July 26, 2024.

“The basic principles of Paris 2024 are there. We are ready to meet these challenges and we will need to adopt them. And that is what we will do,” Thobos said.

“We’re talking about epidemics today, maybe tomorrow it’s a heat wave. You know that in the past every sport had its challenges, and we have to be as prepared as possible to face them. Will try. “

Paris will become the second city after London to host the Olympics three times. The French capital last hosted the Games in 1924.

“We are coming to an interesting stage where we are going to start a lot of programs that talk to the general public,” he said.

“We feel very confident that we are going to be able to deliver (the Olympics) by keeping these games as open to the public as possible.”

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