Angry Mozapin replaces ‘arrogant’ teammate Schumacher.



Steward was summoned after both drivers qualified to stop Austin Martin’s Sebastian Vettel within the first section, and was eventually cleared of wrongdoing.

Russian shopkeeper Nikita Mezpin accused Haas teammate Mack Schumacher of “blasphemous” behavior at the Dutch Grand Prix on September 4, saying the Germans had proved their true nature by breaking up a settlement.

McShumaker, the son of Ferrari Nick and seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, quickly said that the Russian was making a play and that he had been allowed to go to Mezpin before his final term.

Disagreeing with Haas and staff boss Gunther Steiner was another headache but getting a degree this season.

Mack Schumacher is a defender of the engine’s companion Ferrari, while Mozpin’s billionaire businessman father is the title sponsor of the crew.

Both drivers were called stewards after Austin Martin’s Sebastian Vettel qualified to block in the first section, and was eventually cleared of wrongdoing.

Mzpin had already publicly blamed his colleague. “He left me behind, and sided with me, and put me in the apple. I’ll talk to the team about why this happened,” he told Sky Sports TV. Speaking to reporters later, Rossi felt that Mack Schumacher had overturned the staffing colony and destroyed its qualifying leap “on purpose.”

“I know my place in the team. I’ve got a team owner and I’m happier to follow the rules because I think it’s very important to be a team. One day the rules will work for you, one day the rules. Will play against you. “I don’t like it when people are arrogant, fighting for P19. [19th place]. I think it just shows their true nature and I can’t stand it.

McSchumacher, speaking to reporters individually, acknowledged that Mezpin was “very sincere about things in the press.” Gunther Steiner said this is probably not the last time drivers have disagreed. “It’s hard, especially to fight back this year. Your only fight is with your partner, right now in our case. So obviously it’s a little hotter, because there’s only one thing you can win. It’s a battle of teammates.

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