Qualifiers, teens making their mark at the US Open.


New York:

Emma Radukano of Great Britain and Oscar Ote of Germany advanced to the fourth round on Saturday, a record-breaking victory for the US Open qualifiers and teenagers.

Ooty, who has been throwing in two qualifying matches, became the third qualifier in the last 16 on New York’s hard courts, adding to the country’s Peter Gojukzic and Dutchman Botik van de Zendsholp.

“I’m very happy to have Saleem in his second week for the first time in my life,” Ote said.

And while Radukano is the only women’s qualifier in the fourth round, she joined 18-year-old Carlos Alcaraz of Spain and Leila Fernandez of Canada, who knocked out French Open runner-up Stefanos Setsipas and four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka. Respectively

“The arrival of a lot of young players is really good for the game, because it just shows how strong this next generation is,” Radukano said.

“With a lot of young players, I think we all encourage each other to play better. I wanted to join them in the second week as well, so that would be an added encouragement.”

Radukano will not have a chance to be upset. He will next face Shelby Rogers of the United States, who defeated top-ranked Wimbledon champion Ashley Barty of Australia on Saturday.

For men, this is the first time that three qualifiers have reached the last 16 since the qualifying record was first set in 1982.

The three qualifiers have not reached the men’s fourth round in any Grand Slam since the 1995 French Open.

It didn’t hurt that the men’s team lacked 20-time Grand Slam winners Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer and defending champion Dominic Theme.

No US Open qualifier has advanced beyond the quarterfinals and only five have made it to the semifinals in the second slam, the most recent being Russian Aslan Kartsev at this year’s Australian Open.

OT is proud of its journey from throwing in qualifying to making it to the last 16.

“The qualifiers are always tough, especially the first two rounds. I wasn’t in very good physical form. I put them both on the court in the tie-break decision,” Ote said.

“I was just thinking, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter what the score is, how the match will end.’ I just wanted to stay out of the sun because it was so humid and hot.

“Yeah, it’s a crazy ride. Just incredible. I didn’t expect to get that far.”

Suddenly Ote, who plays next Italian sixth seed and Wimbledon runner-up Matteo Berrettini, is confident of moving on.

“I have more confidence in my game, and it’s working very well. Let’s see when it ends,” he said.

“I know that if I play well and my game works really well, I can do a lot of damage no matter who my opponent is. It’s been a long way, but I don’t think it’s over yet. “

Van de Zandsholp, who will next play Argentina’s 11th seed Diego Schwartzman, is also in a role.

“It’s amazing,” he said. Life is good now “I think I have a chance to win every match.”

Radukano, ranked 150th, reached the fourth round of his Grand Slam debut at Wimbledon in July and has yet to lose a single seat.

“With each passing week, I’m getting more and more accustomed to the physical requirements of playing at this level,” Radukano said. “I think I’m getting better. I’ll be fresh for Monday.

“With a lot of matches, you feel very confident going to the court in your game. With every game I feel like I’ve got my ball strike. I’m excited to see what Monday brings. ۔ “

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